Digital Marketing Strategies That has Taken Over The Consumer Market

The world that was once dependent on mediums like television ads and newspapers and the other print media options like brochures and leaflets to introduce themselves in the market. But the world of today is dependent on the latest medium known as the world wide web to reach out to the general public. There is so much competition in the market that the businessmen who want to lead the market have to think of new ways to market their products and services in the market. There are a number of digital marketing trends 2018 in the digital marketing industry that have been used by the businessmen for the rapid progress of their business and these trends are expected to continue for at least three years or until anything new and more effective is introduced in the market.

The following is a brief introduction of a few latest digital marketing trends that have taken over the consumer market.

 Video Marketing

One if the latest and the most effective digital marketing strategies that has taken over the market by storm and is expected to continue spreading all over the world is that of video marketing. You must have heard about explainer videos, these are the most cost efficient videos that help market your products; it is the most popular internet marketing trend on the market. The masses easily connect with the videos because of the connection that they feel with animation as the animations have been a part of everyone’s life from the early childhood days in form of the cartoons. This fact helps the people connect with the video and they pay attention to the video they watch.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been in discussion in the marketing industry. It offers a lot that human beings fail to do. Artificial intelligence can now be seen in the market in the form of the Chatbots that the big brands are using to communicate with their existing customers as well as potential customers. These chatbots have pre-fed data about the company’s products and services according to which the chatbot communicates with the customers. Regardless of the device a user is using he can get the information about certain products or services without and problem as the facility of chatbots is provided through the most responsive websites.

Voice Search

One of the online marketing trends is that of the voice search facilities that the android devices and the iPhone users enjoy. The voice search is much easier than texting but the results of the search may vary. The Google assistant is known as Alexa while the iPhone assistant is known as Siri; both the assistants have been serving a huge number of mobile internet users. The trend of voice search is increasing rapidly and according to experts more than 50{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} users will use voice search more than text search.

The main idea of market automation is to improve the work output to get better results from the efforts one puts in the marketing of a product or service. If you observe your daily routine you will notice that an average person especially in the marketing industry has to do so many things repeatedly that he does not have time to do more creative and constructive work. One of the most important benefits of marketing automation is the possibility to target the potential buyers through a variety of platforms.


There is so much competition in the market that the people working for the SEO of different brands cross the line between the truth and exaggeration, instead of providing the potential customers and the regular customers with the true and authentic information about a company’s brands and services  they create a hype by blowing the things out of the blue. According to some experts authenticity is the online marketing trend of future years.

According to the latest surveys and studies more than 85{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} of consumers make their decision of purchase on the authentic information. The customer of today is aware about the artificial or fake information and is always looking for a business that represents an honest and straightforward approach. So the businesses of future should be aware of the importance of honesty and truth that will be needed to attract more and more customers towards your brand.

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