Top 10 Killer Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2019

No one can deny the importance of digital marketing in the ever changing market of today. Even the experts do not challenge the efficacy of the latest digital marketing trends being followed by the big names in the market. In fact, if the marketing campaign is well-executed, it work effectively in increasing the sales of your products or services and even attracts more people towards your business. It’s true that a well- thought-of marketing plan has been the need of every business and still is, but the mindset of people, have changed a lot of things that were once ignored in planning a promotional campaign. In yester years the marketing of products was done for the overall masses but today specific class of people is targeted for each product according to the parts of society where those products are used.

It was once said and said-well that “while in Rome do as Romans do”, this still suits the life of businessmen who have to face tough competition in the digital marketing industry.Every businessman who wants to be successful should do what his competitors are doing for the marketing of their products in order to make their presence felt in the digital world.


The following are some of the future digital marketing trends in 2019 without which the marketing would not be as effective as required for a successful business.

2. Increasing use of Artificial intelligence

One of the latest trends of the digital world of today is the ever increasing use of Artificial Intelligence. AI uses the social media platforms to gather all the information about the behavior of the customers; it analyzes the way a customer finds the products he needs to buy. The Facebook messenger bots are the best example of use of Artificial Intelligence as it helps you optimize and automate the customer services.According to some business experts the businesses that will start using the artificial intelligence will be able to cut down on costs and speed up the growth in order to leave their competitors behind.

3. Programmatic Advertising

When the artificial intelligence is used to automate the procedure of ad buying so that you could concentrate on some specific audiences, it is known as Programmatic advertising. Real-time auctions or biddings are a type of programmatic advertising. According to the eMarketer, by the year 2020 more than 80{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} of the digital ads in the U.S will turn programmatic.

4. Chatbot

The use of chatbot in future will increase many folds,chatbot are the live assistants that you get 24/7 at different website where you have to ask come question. These virtual assistants never lose temper and are always ready to repeat the answers to your questions any time you need.

5. Personalization

The last whole decade was that of personalization of each and every product that a man uses. If you want to be seen at a prominent position in the world of business you should try to add personalization to each and every part of your marketing, including the products, website content, emails, and much more.

7. Video Marketing

Gone are the days when the Television ads were considered enough to reach the targeted audience, with passage of time things have tremendously changed. The latest among the internet marketing trendsis the marketing through the videos. In fact the explainer videos have taken the market by storm and it has a very bright future.

8. Instagram Is Popular And Will Remain So In 2019

According to the studies conducted to deal with this latest digital world of marketing the social media platforms known as Instagram has become one of the most popular social media websites. It is more popular among the youth which makes it important to be used for the marketing of products that are meant for the young people.

9. Live Video Advertising

One of the latest digital marketing styles is that of doing it through live videos. It has been welcomed by most of the mature people. The companies may post live video ads on the Facebook and other social media website for effective marketing of their products as well as services.

10. Smart Speakers And Voice Search

The latest thing introduced in the market is the Google assistant called Alexa and an iPhone assistant named Siri. Both the assistants work on voice command and searching for an answer has become easier than ever before.

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