Top Apple iTunes Apps To Download

The second most popular internet company busy in introducing the latest technology to the people is known as Apple and iTunes is the media player that also works as a media library,internet radio broadcaster and mobile device management application that is developed by Apple Inc. and was launched on 9thJanuary 2001.

New apps and iTunes charts are introduced on regular basis that millions of iPhone users enjoy to the contentment of their heart. The following are some of the songs from iTunes charts of the year 2018.

1. Natural

On number one is a song from the album called ‘Natural’ sung by Origins and the top

most popular iTunes by ‘Imagine Dragons’.

2. Young blood

On number two is a song from the album ‘Young blood’ it is sung by 5 seconds of summer itunes.

3. On my way to you

In his latest album ‘Ain’t Nothin’ to it”, the singer Cody Johnson has sung this beautiful song which you can download from Ain’t Nothin’ to It by Cody Johnson Itunes.

4. Simple

‘Simple’ is a country song sung by Georgia Florida Line for the album Georgia Florida Line Itunes.

5. Mercy

Mercy is the name of a song sung by Brett Young for his album Brett Young song Mercy on Itunes.

6. iPhone 2019

Making the right choice of the iPhone 2019 got much complicated for the tech lovers as Apple launched three different models of iPhone  that are iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR. According to the experts if money is not your consideration than iPhone XS MAX is the best choice for those who love to use gadgets made by Apple. Though it is the most expensive among the iPhone generation but it has a big screen for watching videos and playing games. It has a good quality camera to capture the memories. So, far it is considered as the best iPhone 2018.

The Most Popular iPhone Apps

The present world works efficiently with the help of different kinds of apps that help make the life a bit easier to manage. Apple has developed a number of apps for iPhones, some of these apps are free to download and some of them need you to pay the fee before you could download them. The following is a list of Apps available for the iPhone users as the best apps available on the market.

Among the photo editor apps that come with all the modern iPhones are included Instagram, Snapchat, and Google photos.

The social media networking apps that are now available for iPhones include messenger,Facebook, find my family, group me and WhatsApp messenger, there are a number of other apps for social media networking new apps 2019 that you can use on your iPhone now.

There are a lot of free most popular iPhone apps that are used to play games, there are some apps for shopping, and entertainment .There are even productive apps like Google Drive. There are apps related to banking and finance, there are certain most popular iPhone Apps that people use to find book references. Nevertheless, you just name an app and we have it on iPhone. The availability of a number of new apps 2018 as the most popular iPhone apps makes the iPhone more compatible than ever.

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