Top Trending Hot Games Of 2019: Best Mobile Games To Download

In the stressful life of today everyone has his own way of getting rid of the stress, some people find escape from the stress by swimming and some take music classes but millions of young men of today best Google play android games to freshen up themselves. To help the gamers find the best android games of 2018 here is a list of the best phone games.

1. Alto’s Adventure

best video game altos adventure

To enjoy the snowboarding at a lightning speed and still feeling relaxed you must play one of the best android games 2018 known as Alto’s Adventure. The super easy one-touch controls help you guide Alto (and many other controls that cannot be locked )downhill while grinding the edges and getting enough big air. The graphics used in this game are amazingly beautiful with scenery of beautiful mountains and the night -to -day and day- to -night transition are so natural looking that for a moment you forget that you are playing a game and everything is not real.

2. Pubg Mobile

pubg online game for mobile

One of the top android games that has become very popular among the young gamers is the game ‘Player Unknown Battleground’ is a free to play survival shooter game in which you drop down from a parachute at an unknown island where 99 others are fighting for their lives, you have to rob buildings to gear up for fighting for your life till your last breath. Though it was developed as a pc game there is one surprising thing about at that it runs even better on smart devices. It is your own choice whether you want to fight alone or make a team of upto four players.

3. Alto’s Odyssey

altos odyssey game online

Among the best android games liked by millions of gamers there is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure named Alto’s Odyssey. While the players were still amazed by the first game the emergence of Alto’s Odyssey has been welcomed by the gamers with excitement. It has been a great success. There are some new features added to the first edition of the game and one of the most popular new features is the wall ride which enables the player to have more control over his combos.

4. Shadowgun Legends

shadow gun legends popular fighting game

Shadow gun Legends is a first-person shooter video game that Mad finger Games developed for Android And iOS devices and has become a favorite game for millions of gamers across the globe. It has been successful in attracting even the expert gamers towards it.

5. Real Racing 3

real racing game 3 to play

Among the best phone games is one more game that is a treat for all those gamers who are crazy about racing games. It is called Real Racing 3. If you are one of those players who love to feel the friction of rubber with the real racing tracks from all over the world then this is the best game for you. It is a cross-platform multiplayer game with quite a lot of customization options.

6. Into The Dead 2

into the dead game

Among the Google play games of yester years was a game named Into The Dead which was liked by countless number of gamer from all over the world, it was a game that was fun to play by killing the Zombies in order to save your family. ‘Into The Dead 2’ is the sequel of the last edition of ‘Into The Dead’ .In this particular game you experience the destruction done by the zombies, in your way to protect your family. In your way you have to pick up some strong and powerful weapons to kill the zombies.

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