Increase Battery Life: 7 Tips To Improve Cell Phone Battery life

The life of today, has become so busy and hectic that nobody has enough time to waste in charging of devices over and over again to keep them active all the time. There are many factors that affect our battery life. The android devices of today have slim and sleek designs and so there is less space for some powerful batteries, most of the latest android devices have larger screens to lighten up which one needs to have a super charged battery. In order to keep our android devices running we need to search some battery save for android ways using which we can improve battery life of our android devices.  The following tips will tell you how to save battery on Android devices.

1. Determine What Drains The Battery The Most.

To solve a problem permanently it is vital to know the root cause of that problem, so, if you feel that the battery of your android phone is draining unusually fast you should check with the apps or programs causing the battery drainage. To do it you should tap on settings and then tap on battery to identify the culprit through the organized list of battery hogs that appear on your telephone screen. If you see an app or a program that is using your battery but you do not use it, you should force stop the use of battery. You should either uninstall the app or stop it.

2. Try To Reduce The Polling Of Social Media Websites

It is a common practice that people who love to stay on social media keep the polling on, and this is yet another reason for battery drainage. The messaging apps that you use should be set to manual; once you do it you will see a remarkable change in the speed of battery drainage of your phone.

3. Turn Off The Unnecessary Hardware

It is good that we have plenty of hardware installed on our smartphones but it is also an admitted fact that all these hardware that include, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and LTE but all these are not needed at the same time so to save battery life of your android device you should try to disable the hardware like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi especially when there is no need to use it.

4. Utilize Extra Power Saving Facility If You Have It On Your Phone

One more thing that you can do to improve battery life of your android phone is to use the feature extra power saving mode. There are a number of phones on the market that have this special feature. This feature limits the phone to phone calls, messaging and Facebook. And when the functions of your phone are limited your battery lasts longer than before.

5. Stop Apps Running In The Background

This is a common practice among majority of android users that they use different apps simultaneously and forget stopping them when they are done. You should check the apps that are running on the phone at a time and stop all those that are not needed.

6. Control The Brightness

The more bright is your screen the more battery is drained, so, in order to battery save for android you should keep the brightness at a comfortable level and turn of the automatic brightness feature. This single step works amazingly to improve battery life of your phone.

7. Update Your Apps

If your apps are updated you phone uses less battery so make sure that all the apps that need to be updated are updated. No matter if you have the feature of automatic updates ‘on’ there are certain programs that need to be updated manually.

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