Which Is Smart & Perfect: Google Assistant Vs Siri

To get to know which one of the two leading voice recognition based artificial intelligence -powered virtual assistant is smart and perfect we will have to peep in the yester years to know the foundation of both these assistants that the world knows as Siri and Google Assistant.

A few decades back the world saw some movies that had talking computers to amaze the world, but at that time no one could imagine that all that they saw in science fiction stories like Star Trek and Knight Rider would become a reality. Today, the developed countries are converting their houses to the latest technologies and the most interesting of them all is the voice recognition devices that assist man in doing a lot of small chores by getting the commands verbally. Back in the year 1987 the technology tycoon called Apple created a concept video called ‘Knowledge Navigator’. The voice recognition apps that we see today have a resemblance to the knowledge navigator. In the month of February 2010 Siri was introduced by Apple as an iOS. IPhone 4S is the phone in which the first integrated version of the app was introduced to the market.

One year after the launch of first integrated version of Siri in the market, Google entered the market with its first artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant in form of an app known as Google Now. It was not only a conversational assistant but a much more resourceful and functional voice assistance that did not have a personality as Siri but a lot of information, in fact the whole internet.

Comparative Study Of Siri Vs. Google Assistant

Google being an internet giant has an edge over Siri in a number of aspects. Right form the very beginning Google Now had a proactive quality due to which it provided the users with the contextual information before the user requested it to do so. If we compare it with Siri we will notice that it just answers the queries made by the user. This happen because Siri has limited resources of information as compared to Google Now as Google has the entire world of information to provide the detailed information about each query made by the user.

Google assistant has a quality that by connecting itself to your Gmail account it can remind you about the time you should leave a certain destination to reach the airport in time to catch a flight, or at what estimated time you should leave a place to reach for a movie on time. Google assistant can let you know about the places that may interest you when you move to a new destination with your GPS on. It can even track the items dispatched in your name and inform you about its location.

Looking At The Pros And Cons Of Both Google Assistant And Siri

Though the technology has made things quite easier with the help of latest apps developed as Siri by Apple and Google Assistant by Google, these voice recognition helpers still need a lot of improvement to reach the level of convenience that the man seeks after.

Pros of Siri

  • Siri is the first integrated helper launched by Apple; being the first app of its kind it received a satisfactory response.
  • It was the first app that replied to the queries made by the users.
  • Most of the Information it provides is accurate and from trusted sources only.

Cons of Siri

  • There are a few things that make Siri stay behind the smartest apps developed by Google. One of these things its weakness in understanding accent of English of different regions and different languages and instead of replying to the queries it displays a search result.
  • The resources to reply the queries are limited as far as Siri is concerned.

Pros of Google Assistant

  • Emerged in the market one year after Siri is the assistant named Google Now, with passage of time new features were added to Google Now and today it has been taking the market by storm as Google Assistant.
  • Google Assistant is proactive as compared to Siri and the results are shown in a speedy manner.
  • It better understands different languages and accents and this makes it more users friendly.
  • Some of the information is accurate as it has unlimited resources for gathering information.

Cons of Google Assistant

  • One thing that plays a negative role in popularity of Google assistant is its open source information that it shares without knowing anything about the authenticity of the information it provides.


Both the virtual assistants, Siri and Google are smart but none of them is perfect and a lot of work still has to be done to improve them to become perfect.

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