A Step by Step Guide to Create or Editing an Official Wikipedia Page

Despite the fact that Wikipedia offers a lot of information on a variety of subjects, no one can deny that the site is not as efficient with the information on recent issues as it is with general facts. This is because Wikipedia has a huge database with enormous amount of information and it aims to add only authentic information updates. So the procedure takes time.

However, Wikipedia allows the researchers and other users of the site to update the information in order to speed up the process. You also can edit the information available on the site by writing a new article or editing an existing article. This article is focused on providing a guideline to the users of Wikipedia for creating or editing Wikipedia articles.

Steps to creating a Wikipedia Official page

1. How to Start

The procedure of wikipedia page creation starts with learning the rules. That is, the first step that you need to take in order to create or edit a Wikipedia page is to learn about the rules. Wikipedia has imposed a set of rules for its contributors that they must follow to get their article published. You can find the all the rules for writing a Wikipedia page on Wikipedia’s website.

2. Have an Account

You have to create a Wikipedia account in order to contribute to Wikipedia whether by editing or writing. Wikipedia has policies that are strictly designed to maintain the credibility of the information and that is why it has a policy of blocking IP addresses that mess up with the existing information or add misinformation to the site. So be sure that you use your account honestly.

3. Topic Selection

If you are willing to write an article for Wikipedia & for law essay, make sure you write it after the proper research & that the topic is not already covered. What you can do is that you can come up with different topics related to your field and search for them on the site. Eliminate the topics that are already covered and select those that needs to be covered.

4. Research

Wikipedia page creation is a process very much similar to writing a research paper for your thesis. You need to have enough references and citations to validate the provided information. So once you are done with topic selection, you need to research extensively on your topic. List down a good number of reliable references and citation before starting the writing process.

5. Writing and Proofreading

Write your article in a way that is informative, detailed, and readable for all. You can check out the existing Wikipedia articles to have an idea about the writing style and the tone that is required. Do not forget to proofread after completing the article.

6. Submit for Review

When you are done writing an article that contains verifiable references, you need to submit it to Wikipedia for review. If your article will have authentic references and verifiable information, it will get published. Remember that information published on Wikipedia is always challengeable by external users of the site.

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