Top 6 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies That Can’t Be Ignore In 2019

The field of digital marketing is ever evolving and a thing or strategy that seems to be effective today seems to be a total waste of time tomorrow. There is so much tough competition in the market that one must draw out best digital marketing strategies way ahead of time before entering the market with a new business. When it is about digital marketing one should always make strategies with a close eye on the future of marketing.

It is an undeniable fact that artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in the marketing of certain products and services but an interesting thing about all this progress in the digital world is that no matter how much progress is made no one can replace the human interaction that is the core feature behind every success.

1. Using Videos to Boost Brand Visibility and Conversions

There has been so much progress in the digital marketing that the marketing that started from company webpages and then websites has now reached to social media presence and the use of explainer videos that have now become the latest trend in the digital marketing. The future of digital marketing depends upon the way we use all the digital marketing tools and make use of them to the max. According to the latest studies 3 out of 4 customers admit that they bought the product after watching a video about it. A well-though of video has great impact on the minds of people as the consumers do confirm this fact that the videos that they see help them making the purchase decision. The marketing done through the videos reaches beyond YouTube and the videos are available at all the relevant social media platforms. An impactful video should have certain qualities in it.

A good explainer video should always be brief and to the point as most of the viewers make the decision of either keep watching or switching to something else in the first ten seconds of a video.

Regardless of its duration an impactful video should be entertaining as boring videos do not attract anyone, it is the responsibility of the video maker to maintain balance between entertainment and professionalism.

Before you even think of marketing a product through a video you should know the mindset of your targeted audience.

A video that tells a heart touching story, or connects the people with an inspirational stories or just a funny joke is sure to convert the viewers to your customers.

  • A video used for marketing should be optimized to display on all devices.

2. Creation Of Consistent High Quality Content

According to the latest trends in the digital marketing to face the tough competition in the market one should hire the best company for digital marketing of a business that has competent people who produce quality content consistently. In the present digital world the moment the quality of your content is compromised the graph of your popularity catches a downwards trend.

3. Follow The Influencer Trend

Following the influencer trend is just one more tactics that you can use to stay ahead of your competitors. Instead of marketing your through a new face you should pay a big star to be your brand ambassador, by doing so you can attract thousands of the fans of that star towards your products and services.

4. Benefit from Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is what you now experience in form of Siri , Google assistant and Alexa. If you look around you will notice that all the appliances made by LG in the year 2017 were Wi-Fi connectivity enabled. Due to this they attracted a lot of customers as their devices could be controlled with an android device through Google assistant or Siri.

5. Use Voice Search

The companies using the best digital marketing strategies today use voice search option that has become very popular all over the world. According to the latest surveys about marketing in two years’ time more than 50{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} searches will be done through voice.

6. Make Date Driven Decisions

In trying to beat your competitors you don’t need to be the first in marketing a product on a new social media website or you don’t have to be the best in order to become successful. You should work according to the data that you gather and make decision that are the best for your customers. This way you can improve your products and services and be the best.

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