Top 6 Trending Google Assistant Compatible Gadgets For Your Smart Home

With the evolution in the world of technology the android phones replaced the simple phones and then can the iPhone to further test the people’s love for latest gadgets controlled by latest technology. After gaining access to Google and a smart phone the next thing that is on the priority list of the people who love technology are the Google assistant compatible gadgets and a Google smart home that is controlled by Google home.

1. Google Smart Lock

google smart lock technology

Google smart lock is one of the most popular Google home devices being used and liked by the technology lovers. Google smart lock is the one that you experience on your smart phones, the pin that you have to enter, the fingerprint that you have to provide or the pattern you draw is a result of the Google smart lock that is there in your smart phones. You can set your Google smart lock set according to your own choices. You can set it to on-body detection; during this setting your phone stays unlocked if you put it back in your pocket or bag after unlocking it once. The second setting is that of trusted places, if you add some addresses and names of places like office or home you won’t have to provide the authentication to unlock your phone as long as it is at your trusted places.

2. August Smart Lock/ Smart Lock Pro

google august smart lock pro

One of the most popular Google home accessories is smart lock that makes you tension free about keys as it is activated when the Bluetooth of your smart phone comes within range of the smart lock. With Google assistant and Google home you can even give voice commands to lock or unlock your home.

3. Logitech Harmony

google harmony hub gadget

Logitech Harmony is one of the latest editions in universal remote controls that already have the ability to talk to most of the smart devices of your home including Roku, Sky, IFTTT, Philips Hue, Smart Things and Apple TV.

4. Samsung Smart Things

samsung smart things gadgets

Samsung has been a technology hub for several years and the Smart Things is a bunch of out lets and sensors developed by Samsung all of these are centered on a hub called Smart Things. The Smart Things make setting of a smart home very easy. It is easily compatible with a number of devices including Google Home. Google Assistant Integration can be used easily with the Smart Things to get the jobs done with voice commands, including controlling connected outlets, lights and thermostats. You just have to say “ok Google, turn on the bedroom light and the job is done.

5. Roku

Roku Smart Tv Gadget

You might have been using the Google Assistant to watch things on your android TV or  Chrome cast but it is very difficult when it comes to third party content. Google has signed a partnership agreement with Roku that makes the use of Google assistant more exciting as you can easily rewind, fast forward or pause a streaming video.

6. Google Home Mini

google Home Mini Gadget

One of the most popular Google home compatible devices is the Google Home Mini. Google Home Mini is a small size smart speaker that can manage most of the functions of your smart phone devices using the voice command. It has the power of Google search engine along with other information about you that it utilizes to act upon the voice instructions that it gets from you.

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