Wikipedia As A Source If Income: Top Tips To Make Money Online Through It

Wikipedia was started in 2001. The website was created with the purpose of information sharing and making it an encyclopedia for the world. The website was initially used for the same however with the time progressing people started to use this website for different purposes and this made the website to make strict guidelines to be imposed in order to keep its original purpose to be revived. People then started to gain expertise in Wikipedia and this was then considered a professional field. People with different skills that will be explained later started to assist people in their Wikipedia needs and Wikipedia requirements were then assigned to these experts and professionals. Since this field started to fall under the head of professional fields people started to earn through it with the expertise that is required. Here is a list of thing that you can become if you want to earn money through Wikipedia.


Research is important in almost everything in the current days and Wikipedia services also require researchers. These researchers are considered to be the first person that deals with the project that is related to Wikipedia. They research the client or the project with respect to their Wikipedia eligibility and requirements. They have the tendency to set the direction of any Wikipedia project and make the details or information to be forwarded to the other people in the service team. If you are a research analyst you can make your career in this field. Wikipedia service providers usually have research experts in their teams who can make the project to research efficiently in order to make the necessary details of the client or project to be extracted.

Wikipedia Writers

If you can write well you can earn a lot of money in the contemporary times. A number of things require writers and one of them is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is basically dependent upon written content and thus Wikipedia service providers have writers on board. Wikipedia might not be as easy as other writings however it is not too hard. wikipedia writers need to care about a few things and they could become Wikipedia writers with these few things. These few things include the ability to write formally, precisely and such other things. Since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia they do not appreciate opinions and thoughts and rather look for facts and information and thus writing formally and to the point becomes an important requirement for the Wikipedia writers. Wikipedia writers also have to use non-promotional tone or else the content won’t be approved by Wikipedia which will decrease the value of Wikipedia writers.

Wikipedia editors or contributors

The people who can edit or contribute to Wikipedia pages can also be able to earn through this skill. These editors must know what to do with Wikipedia pages to edit it with the latest information as well as the contributors must also know where to contribute and what to avoid. These people must have in-depth knowledge of Wikipedia requirements and guidelines to avoid things that are restricted by Wikipedia. The ability to edit or contribute along with the knowledge of Wikipedia can make them able to earn money.

SEO experts

The SEO experts to have an important role in Wikipedia service providing. The game of keywords is what SEO experts could be able to do for making or managing the Wikipedia pages. These keywords could be important to market an individual or a company through Wikipedia which is one of the main purposes of creating Wikipedia pages in the contemporary times. These SEO experts could make a lot of money through their ability by making the Wikipedia page to be integrated with SEO techniques.

Wikipedia Managers

If you have the ability to manage a team and have the knowledge about Wikipedia you can earn money through Wikipedia too. These Wikipedia managers are assigned to manage the teams as well as the process of Wikipedia page creation. The managers must make all of their team members to contemplate things that are required in Wikipedia page creation. These Wikipedia managers must also have the skills to manage the team which is vital to keep the coordination among the other members of the team. This, however, could be considered as a senior or higher level job which is why it also requires experience in Wikipedia page creation.

All of these things that have been mentioned above explains that you need a special expertise along with knowledge of Wikipedia to make the jobs of Wikipedia to be attained. These jobs were probably not here a few years back but now these jobs have also become a part of the corporate and Wikipedia service providing has become an industry now. If you have got the ability to write you can be a Wikipedia professional that earns money with working on his passion or maybe your skills to research could be counted as your job if you know what Wikipedia wants in a page. Each of these is now counted as a source to earn money and you now have the options to make your skills to be counted in professional jobs.

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