6 Trending Logo Design Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2019

Designing is easy! For people who have this thinking, think again! The designers are in high demand for a reason – its just not for crafting the brand’s visual identity, but because of their artistic insight. A logo of a company is the first impression that it makes on the people. Therefore, it is necessary for it to be designed to communicate the message of your company.

A logo helps in improving the brand’s visual identity by conceptualising the main idea in the logo. Many small businesses use free logos maker Tool to create their own logos for free, but it doesn’t have the originality in it neither does it have that unique factor to drive the audience to the business.

Living in a society where a company image mattes the most, it is essential to design a logo that even a little kid who doesn’t know how to tie a shoelace remembers. For those who want to create an effective logo, here are some tips on creating an effective logo.

1. Uniqueness matter

A logo is something that sets you apart from your competitors, so it is essential for it to be exclusive and unique. In many cases, companies are not able to identify the uniqueness their business has, making it impossible for the logo to convey that uniqueness.

It is highly unlikely to produce something out of trends that everybody is following, but that should be the goal of a designer. Often it happens that designers who are unsure of their designs and ideas lookout for easy ways on the internet seeking out ideas so they can tweak it to be original. These logos loses its originality and can have copyright issues later on.

It is not that a logo should not be imitated at all, but creativity is something that helps in getting something out of the box. Think it like this; the Mercedes and Audi logo isn’t a car, and apple logo isn’t a computer. Creativity is essential to bring in the unique factor in a logo.

2. Understand your brand

It is important for a designer to understand the brand for which the logo is being designed. Make a mind map of all the keywords that best describe the brand and keep in mind the audience that you need to communicate with your logo. Writing down words can widen your imagery and perhaps help you in being creative.

Research about the brand and what impact it is going to have on the audience. Your main focus should be evoking the emotions of your audience compelling them to choose your brand over your competitors.

More than anything, you need to understand the core reason of launching that brand. Every brand has a history which makes it different from other similar brands. It has a meaning which needs to convey to your audience so they can make a choice. Your brand’s logo has the potential to express that meaning to the masses.

3. Take the color psychology to count

When designing a logo, it is essential to keep in mind the psychology of the colors. Colors help in evoking the emotions of people. Every color is associated with different feeling and emotions. For instance, if you choose bright and bold colors for your logo, it might give the hash feeling to some people while attracting others to your brand. Similarly, using soft tones for your logo can seem sophisticated to some people, but some may take it to be a sign of being overlooked.

4. Choose the correct style for your logo


A logo consists of two basic elements namely a word mark and a symbol. These two are two different types of logo styles which can be used as a combination as well as separately.

Choosing just a symbol like that of Mercedes, apple and Audi, a lot of advertisements is necessary because it doesn’t have any verbal recognition. As far as word marks are concerned, many renowned companies like coca-cola and IBM use them. Coca-cola logo has a custom font making it unique

If your company has a unique name, it is easy to get away with just a single logotype and simple font styles but if not a combination of word mark and symbol is highly preferable.

5. Simplicity is the key

The simple your logo design is, the better it attracts the audience. You need your logo interesting, not in the sense where people just sit and stare at it to understand it. For example, Amazon uses its name in the logo indicating its vast inventory by its arrow pointing from A to Z.  

Other than being simple, it also needs to be flexible, so it can be printed in various sizes and posted on different size without changing the image resolution. It must look good on multiple backgrounds without destroying its original form.

6. Timeliness

You want a logo for your brand that doesn’t need to be changed from time to time, a logo that will last through ages. Take Mercedes for instance; it has the same logo since the beginning. Similarly, the logo of Audi has its four iconic rings which can be recognised from afar. Timeliness is the most challenging part of designing a logo.

This factor doesn’t only save the company from a costly hire of a designer, but it also makes an identity in the world. Every other renowned brand, be it linked to information technology or automobile, it has a timeless logo which can be identified, as mentioned above, form a distance.  

These six tips me be helpful to some, but for others, the only thing that works for them is their creativity. Designers need to rely on their artistic insight and adapt their unique ways of working to produce masterpieces.

It is the designer’s creativity that counts. Some designers like to make rough sketches and ideas to get started while others work on different designs to be more creative and create a more comprehensive model for each possibility. Always remember that without an innovative logo it is impossible to make an impact on the audience. Think outside the box and be creative!

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