Top 8 Free Games On Google Playstore That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

Android gaming, an Introduction.

Android games

Games are something you would want to do in your free time or when you are bored in order to divert your attention from boredom to amusement, or to just generally have fun & excite yourself. Games from being just physical in the beginning, slowly but gradually formed more types suchs as bored games, tricks and other types. As technology became more advanced, games became virtual giving the world a new source of entertainment.

In 1994 a game named Tetris was introduced to mobile phone. 2-3 years after that came The Snake which changed the world of gaming as it was a simple game yet so indulging. People specially youth not having so many options at that point in time spent hours playing a simple game of snake crawling around the edges of your screen eating eggs and trying not to bite itself as it would die. The game basically built a concept around having games in a mobile phone which later on converted into a multi million gaming market.

Top 8 games in Android

Fast forward to our generation, where you have thousands of options available on the Play store, a platform made by google specifically for android phones from where you can download games and other software directly to your phones of other devices. Some of these games can be opted for free while others you may have to pay for.

In this article we look at top 8 games among all play store games that are free and are trending worldwide.

1. Subway Surfer

  • subway surfer the game

It is an arcade game with an average rating of 4.5 on the play store where you have to help Jake, the main character get away from the inspector & his dog while collecting coins and other items available in every level. The game is free and has gotten huge popularity over a short span of time. It is surprising how Subway surfer has managed to stay relevant for this long as the tasks are quite repetitive, yet somehow the manufacturers of the game have done a great job of keeping the game play interesting to such a wide audience across the world.  many games of such kind have trended for a while until people moved on to the other viral games in the play store.

2. 8 ball pool

8 ball pool playstore game

The famous game from Mini clip is now available on play store for everyone to play. It trends currently as the number 2 trending game across the platform as it is free. You can play the game of pool verses a system generated bot, or iit can be a multiplayer game if you have internet excess. You can play 1v1 or enter tournament and have your levels increased by winning match ups & rewards. The game play is quite easy and it has extended its audiences to all age group making it viral for such a long period.

3. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

sniper 3d shooter gun game

As the name suggest the game focuses on a specific sort shooting style i.e. sniping. The graphic of the game compared to the size of the game is significantly impressive. It is a single player game where you are provided with several targets as a part of mission, you have to take aim through your scope and shoot down the enemies as per the order. The game makes it spot among the top 8 games in playstore considering the fact that it doesn’t offer as much as the other shooting games yet it is addictive as the game play keeps you contained with it. It can be downloaded for free, however there are perks in the game that you want, you have to pay for them through In-App Purchases. Also contains ADS.

4. Talking Tom 2

talking to tom game

An updated version of Talking Tom, Talking Tom is targeted towards an audience of children. It can be considered a great tool to keep children busy. The game has been downloaded world wide and I assume a large number of downloads would either be parents or babysitters as the Cat named Tom  consumes children repeating thinks they say in a funnier voice, also having options to pet the cat, feed it, make it sleep & then wake it up as well as other options. The game is not as large in size as compared to other google games, but if you have kids and you want them to sit in one place and have their attention directed to one specific task. Talking Tom 2 does the job.

5. Ludo King

Ludo King

Ludo, being the one of the oldest board games is now available on your mobile phone where you can with your friends and random people from all parts of the world. The dices generate numbers at a random rate making it fair for every player that participates in a ludo match. Winning more matches means you earn more points in terms of coins. The developers have done a good job of picking up a simple game idea that has its audience engaged. The app contains ads & offers in app purchases, other than that you can download the game for free.

6. Bubble Shooter

Bubble-Shooter-Game free playstore

Shoot the bubble of a certain color to a group of bubbles with the same colors among other colored bubbles on the screen in order to eliminate the bubbles. If unable to do so, the bubbles on the screen will move from the top of the screen towards the end of the screen where your shooting bubble exists. If you have eliminated all the bubbles you have cleared the level, if the bubbles have covered the screen you have lost the level. Once again a simple and old concept that makes the list of top games among all play store games. It is a free download, but does contain adds and in app purchases.

7. Carrom Pool

carrom pool game

A multiplayer game of carom which has the same rules of a traditional carom board, it has a simple game play and a smooth control and has players from across the world. The audiences get engaged as they play with different people and each win increases the rank. It is a great option to pass time and even make new friends. The app does not contain any ads, however it does offer in app purchases for a better experience.


PUBG-Mobile game for android

PUBG ( Player Unknowns Battle Ground ) is my personal favorite game among the list as it is a high quality battle royal game with a lot of features and options. The game is available on several consoles. Having it on a mobile phone has definitely increased its audience. There are multiple maps on the map where you can either opt to play solo, duo or a 4×4 team matches. A total of 100 players are landed through a plane on a map, the last team or man standing becomes the winner. It’s a mixture of offence and survival. You can find guns, armors, helmets, bags, grenades & other accessories lying on several spots in the map. The guns are realistic and the game play is fascinating. You have to complete missions in order to increases you ranks and you can also check you states such as your kill/death ratio health restored e.t.c. You can also dress up through inventory where you have all the clothes that you buy through game coins or have claim through missions. The game has amazing graphics and audio, the only down part would its size, which is huge compairing to other games on the list, but PUBG simply offers a lot more than any other games in play store. You do require Internet for this game.

The game also consists of in app purchases for further improved experiences.


These games have among themselves millions of ratings and download, keeping in mind that these are just 8 of the several games available on the playstore. The gaming industry has definitely taken benefit from the introduction of gaming to the mobile phone as the industry reaches a wider audience altogether. It cannot be said for sure how long does the trend of mobile gaming goes on but one thing is certain, the games will keep getting better and offer more & more.

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