Top 10 Free Android Apps In 2019 To Get Most Out Of It

The digitized world of today largely depends upon the latest android apps for the smooth running of their life. The reason for this is the convenience that these apps provide in performing a number of day to day chores. Not only this, the apps come handy in almost all the basic chores and can be divided in many other categories like communication apps, entertainment apps, best productivity apps, browser apps, food apps ,educational apps, fitness apps and many more. The following is an introduction to all of these apps that make our life much easier.

Best Android Free Browser Apps

1. Dolphin

There is a variety of web browsers available on the market but all of them are not as efficient as the free version of Dolphin. It is a browser with clean tab that provides its user a smooth and convenient browsing experience. The most popular feature of the app is that of gestures which might not be efficient all the time but is nice to use. The best thing in dolphin is that it has integrated support for flash and ad-blocking. You should make sure that you use flash if you desperately need it.

2. Firefox Focus

The best thing about Firefox Focus is its quality of deleting the browsing history and not tracking the browsing when you leave the app. It shreds away all the trackers and ads displayed on a site and this result in rapid loading of pages making browsing even more convenient and time efficient. The app has a simple landing page that has perfect color scheme makes it even more attractive for the users.

Best Android free communication apps

3. Facebook Messenger

The communication between people living at different corners of earth has been made possible with the development of amazing communication apps like the most popular and the most used messenger that we know as Facebook messenger. It is one of the simplest to use communication app that supports both voice and video calling. If you use any new messenger you would have to convince your friends to join it but the advantage of using Facebook messenger is the pre-existence of most of your friends and family members on Facebook. Most of the young Facebook users like the stickers that the app provides you to express your feelings.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one more communication apps that might not be as popular as Facebook but has a growing number of grown up users. It has been providing the ease of access to the people with common professions. While Facebook is more used by the young internet users LinkedIn is used by the mature people who want to grow their connections with the people of same professions and interests on international level. The profile pages that you make are a great source to display your expertise and work experience. LinkedIn now has news feed and visitors metrics to make it more social. It provides the people with a golden opportunity to meet the most sought after businessmen.

5. Twitter Periscope

There was a time when streaming of live videos was one of the most time taking task that no one was interested to do. With the emergence of Meerkat and Twitter Periscope, the live streaming of videos has become much easier than ever before. The periscope is supported by twitter and it lets a user share his videos and chat with the other users quite conveniently. It has the ability to save all the periscopes for viewing later. Using periscope is a lot of fun but to stay in the market for long it has to beat the challenges offered by its competitors.

Best android food apps

6. Cookpad

Cookpad is one of the best android food apps that treasures a lot of recipes that suit the taste of each member of your family. With the help of this app you can easily add your favorite recipes to your list. It also helps y9ou manage your shopping list.

7. Yelp

For all the foodies out there one of the best apps that could help them visit their favorite places is known as Yelp. No matter what type of food you eat and what drinks do you love to have Yelp has the information about all the important food places in your locality as well as your city. According to the experts it is one of the low rated apps but it is far better than many others and should be rated accordingly.

Best android health and fitness apps

It is due to the latest technology that now everyone can own a personal trainer in form of the best health and fitness apps.

8. Fitbit

Fitbit is a very popular app among the young men and women who are fitness freaks. Just by using your smart phone or a smart watch the app can count the steps that you take, and keep record of your physical activity to provide you with assistance in helping you achieve your goals.

9. My Asics Runkeeper

A number of fitness apps used to charge you quite a lot for the services they render but it is not the case with My Asics Runkeeper as it is a free app that helps you stay fit by providing you the assistance that was once a has some tailor-made programs for both android and iPhone devices. These running plans are for a full marathon, a half marathon, 10 miles, 5 miles, 10k and 5K. the schedule is not fixed and the app has the ability to adjust it according to the running data of the user.

Best Android Music and Podcast Apps

Though music is loved by people of all ages and genders but the youth just can’t resist it for long. There was time when people used to carry tape recorders and Walkman to feed their desire to listen to the music on the go, but today the technology has made everything available at your fingertips in form of latest apps like Anchor.

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10. Anchor

Most of the young people like to record their own podcasts, a short time ago it was a difficult task to accomplish but today the smart apps like Anchor which helps people record their podcasts in the most convenient way ever introduced.

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