Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends Which Will Change The World In 2019

There has been exponential development in technology in last two decades or so, all the technology enthusiasts want to be posted about the latest development in the world of technology so here are some of the strategic technology trends that will change the world in the year 2019.

Trend NO 1: Autonomous Things

Autonomous thing with the help of AI

No matter if it is cars, agriculture or robots, most of the autonomous things use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform the jobs that were conventionally done by the humans. The level of intelligence is different but all the autonomous things use AI to interact with their work environment naturally.

Following are further subtypes of autonomous things:

• Drones

Autonomous trend in allover the world

• Robotics

Robotics technological trend

• Appliances

Appliances are also futuristic trends in technology

• Vehicles

Auto Technology is another Important & cutting edge futuristic trend in future

• Agents

Another trend in the field of technology

The above five types of Autonomous things cover four different work environments including the Sea, air, land and the digital world.

All these autonomous things have different capabilities, intelligence and coordination techniques according to which they operate. One of the examples in this regard is that of a drone operated in the air with an element of human assistance in its routine operation and on the other hand a farming robot that works totally autonomously in a farm.

This example helps one understand the possible applications and practically every application or service will use a form of artificial intelligence.

Collective independent things like drone flights will play a significant role in progress and development of the future artificial intelligence.

You may test the possibilities of use of artificial intelligence that is self-directed in any physical thing in your customer environment or organization, but always remember that these independent devices work best for narrowly demarcated purposes.

They are not as efficient as a human brain when it is about general purpose learning, intelligence and the power of decision making.

Appliances have become Artificially intelligent and are likely to become all the more independent in their operations and may end up reducing operational losses and increasing the overall efficiencies.

Technological advances in vehicles may lead to a safer travel environment in days and years to come as human involvement is continually being reduced and vehicles operating in air, water or on land have become artificially intelligent to such an extent that the future of travelling seems all the more secure and efficient.

Trend NO 2: Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics a new trend of Artificial Intelligence

The scientists responsible for data collection and analysis are now over burdened with work of preparation of data, its analysis and its grouping and drawing conclusions.

Al can be used to enhance the human capabilities or to improve them. Augmented Analytics is the use of machine to change how the analytic content is consumed, developed and shared, moving forward at a fast pace through conventional acceptance.

This will provide the organizations with a chance to augment the actions and decisions of all the workers and not just the data scientists and analysts. In this regard the high volume and the nature of data is so complex that it is next to impossible to explore all its possibilities.

According to experts by the year 2020 at least 40{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} of the data science tasks will be automated.

Trend No 3: AI-Driven Development

AI Driven Development Trend

As the organizations mostly use AI influenced tools and the technologies during their growth, the ever increasing need for convenient to use tools that the app developers can easily leverage without intervention of data scientists. According to the experts more than 40{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} of new application development tasks will be done with teams in which the AI co-developers will have a special place.

Trend no 4:  Digital Twins

Digital Twins Trends

Digital twin is a term used for a digital exact copy or replica of physical features, places, people, systems processes and devices that can be easily used for different purposes. The digital replica provides the dynamics and elements of the way an internet of articles a device operates till the end of its life. As the Internet of Things has exploded there has been a sharp increase in the trend of Digital twins. In this field one of the most important yet interesting things is supposed to be the digital twin of organization (DTOs).

Trend No 5: Empowered edge

empowered edge trend

The edge computing is used for the processing of information, collection of content and the delivery of content to closer repositories and sources of information. In the near term , internet of Things has been the driving force behind edge computing.

According to experts over the next few years the edge computing proficiencies will be improved by objects like specialized 5G, artificial intelligence chips, advanced storage and processing.

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Trend No 6: Immersive Experience


The immersive experience in the world of technology means the way in which the latest technology is making the line between the real world and the digital world disappear. Right from the communication platforms that have a strong impact on the way people behave with the digital world to virtual, augmented and the mixed actuality that modifies the way people identify the digital world, the mutual shift in identification and interaction will lead to fully absorbed user experiences.

Trend No 7: Blockchain

Blockchain Technology Trends in 2019

Blockchain is the future trend that assures to reform the industries by enabling reorganized trust, providing clarity and reduction of friction across all business networks. At present ,while many CIOs are in the process of evaluating the potential of Blockchain the early users like Maersk and Walmart have already begun the process of expansion of their initial programs.

Trend No 8: Smart Spaces

Smart spaces Technology

A smart space is a digital or a physical environment in which the technological systems and the humans act together, in a highly coordinated, open, connected and intelligent network. The digital workplaces, smart homes, and the connected factories are a perfect example of the ‘smart spaces’.

Trend No 9: Digital Ethics And Privacy

digital ethics

Along with the rapid digitization of our world the concerns about the privacy and digital ethics are also emerging as a serious issue for the governments, organizations and even the individuals. So, the experts presume that in the coming year there will be a growing focus on the risk mitigation, compliance and values.

Trend No 10: Quantum Computing

quantum computing technology

The quantum computing may seem to many, as the technology used in science fiction movies, but the fact is that the technology is getting sophisticated and mature at unimaginable pace. Most of the expert developers now use the cloud environment to run the quantum computing apps. It has been proved by the researchers that quantum computers are more beneficial than the classical computers.

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