10 Best Apple Gadgets Likely To Reveal In 2019

The New Year has just begun and people who love using the latest technology have started their search for the new Apple products in 2019 & this is a detailed Upcoming Apple Products Guide. To help the apple users know what is in the basket for them this year here is a list of upcoming Apple products of 2019 that the company may launch this year.

1. IPhone SE 2

Everyone does not want to use a phone that is huge in size and looks more like a tablet than a phone but a part of Apple users have been waiting for an upgrade of iPhone SE model to new iPhone SE 2. People are looking forward to the replacement of SE that was launched in 2016. Tech lovers are desperately waiting for Apple launch products in 2019.

Whenever people start thinking that the days of iPhone SE are about to end, a new news enters the market giving people a hope for a better future for the device. If the company launches a new model it is expected to have the same classic design as the existing iPhone has but there may be new features added to it like the A 10 chip that is there in iPhone 7 with a more sophisticated camera.

According to some of the news circulating in the market the latest model of the iPhone might resemble the iPhone X-style in appearance. Nothing is confirmed about Apple adding Face ID to its new iPhone and other Apple release gadgets.

2. IPad mini

When it is about the small sized devices a large group of people think that the days for iPod seem to be coming to an end. Apple updated the iPad mini in September 2015; this delay tells us that Apple is not focused on its small sized gadgets anymore. When it is about the iPad mini is not the cheapest iPad.  The i Phones that have a bigger display have become very popular and many people are giving preference to it over the one with small screens. According to the latest news by Apple the most popular tablet is that of 9.7 inches.

The Apple customers should not lose all hope as with iPhone SE, there are still some indications that say Apple might upgrade the iPad mini probably with a thinner yet sturdier chassis made of aluminum, the company might include a Smart Connector to bring it near the other devices like iPad Pro.

3. Apple TV

Looking at the previous models of Apple TV there is not much that the company might need to add to the device. According to the latest rumors about Apple, the company might introduce a new smaller and bit pocket friendly type of Apple stick.

4. Air Power

 At the time of launch of iPhone 8/8 Plus/X in September 2017, Apple disclosed that it will be making a wireless charging pad of its own that will go with all new phones that support wireless charging. This charging pad is known as Air Power. It might become the most popular Apple’s next product.

As part of the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X announcement in September 2017, Apple revealed that it was going to make its own wireless charging pad to go with the new phones (which are able to support wireless charging). The pad is called Air Power.

Air Power will be able to charge several devices at a time for e.g. (an Apple watch, an iPhone, a pair of Air Pods and even a wireless case used for Air Pods charging). The air power is capable of managing the charging of various devices in a very smart manner it analyses the charge level of each device as well as the maximum capacity of the device and then tells each of the devices to ‘take’ the most effectual part of its power.

5. Air Pods 2

At the first launch of Apple’s wireless headphones known as Air Pods in the year 2016 it coincided with iPhone 7, many people made fun of them but gradually they became so popular that they could be seen at the streets of every country. The Air Pods are a reliable and convenient to use. A few days back there was a speculation that Apple would be updating the Air Pods before the New Year but this did not happen so people now think that the company will be launching the update version of the Air Pods in 2019.

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6. Studio Pods

According to some resources there could be more Pods on their way to the market, as there are some news circulating in the market that Apple is working on the latest style over-the –ear headphones to add to the range of headphones it has already launched in shape of Ear Pods and Air Pods.

7. Home Pod

The people have been expecting yet another Pod entering the market. People are expecting an update of the Home Pod, but they are not exactly clear about the steps that Apple might take to improve the speaker other than make it a bit more affordable.

There even are some rumors in the market that to compete with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google assistant Apple may launch a cheaper and smaller Home Pod as an affordable device might help the company sell some of its speakers that are Siri-powered.

8. New Apple display

Along with the new Mac Pro, we expect that Apple will launch a new display. People don’t know what expect other than it will support Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C, and will probably offer at least 5K (although there are rumors of 8K).

9. IMac Pro

IMac Pro has been a very popular gadget among eth Apple users, it was first launched in December 2017, and the Apple fans now expect an update of iMac Pro in the year 2019.

10. Mac Book

In the year 2018 Apple failed to update a number of its Macs, including the one it promised to update in 2019.The steps that Apple could take in order to update the Mac Book is a move to a newer generation of processors like Intel Amber Lake Y-Series. Thunderbolt 3 can be introduced and Apple can drop its price a bit to differentiate between a Mac book and a Mac Book Air.

Most of the people who know when is the next Apple event scheduled for, never miss it and get a detailed introduction to the latest gadgets made by Apple.

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