Top 8 Best Stock Trading Apps to Download

There are a lot of businesses that people do to earn their living, a huge number of people do stock trading to earn for their livelihood. In yester years, people had to stay in touch with their broker who did the trade for them and those brokers charged you a fortune. The present era is that of digitization and a trader does not have to be present in person to do the stock trading, nor does he need the expensive services of a broker, now he can do it with the help of different apps right from the comfort of his home or on the go while doing other chores.

The following is a brief introduction of 8 best stock trading apps to download for your business.

1. T D Ameritrade Mobile

Though there are numerous apps available for stock trading but when you compare each one of them you will find that TD Ameritrade is overall the best app that people use for stock trading it is one of the biggest brokerage companies.  The brokerage company known as TD Ameritrade offers a number of mobile applications according to your needs. The first one is a simple TD Ameritrade which provides you with capabilities that you have on your desktop stock trading right there on your fingertips in form of your mobile applications that are compatible with iOS, windows phone and the android devices. For those who need to go through the best trading experience there is a special TD Ameritrade Mobile app that is used for stock trading available for both iOS and Android.

F or all those who are just entering the stock trading the TD Ameritrade app offers ample amount of power to you. You can easily customize the dashboard as well as the screens , you can even have easy access to research ,transfer funds, get notifications about market updates you can even watch the tutorial videos about stock  is the best app for active and advanced investors. This app is full of technical indicators and charts to help you make the right trading decision.

2. Robinhood

Robinhood mobile app was launched before the launch of its website, and this makes it one of the most popular stock trading apps used by the stock traders. If you think that everyone should have the access to stock market then Robinhood is the best is one of the best online brokerage as it offers free stock trades.

3. Acorns

If you want to invest your money in a business and do not have any idea about what to do, Acorn stock app is the most efficient stock trading app for the people who are new to stock trading once you are able to link your bank account, acorn will be able to track your spending and ‘round up’ purchases to the nearest round figure, it is then transferred to your Acron account for investment. You can also manually transfer funds to your account.

4. Stash

Though it has identical pricing as that of Acorns Stash mobile app offers a cost efficient method to build a distinct portfolio. An acorn automatically invests for you Stash can help you learn how to make the decisions that are profitable. Stash consists of educational material designed according to the investment trend that you follow.

5. StockPile

Just like a number of other stock trading apps StockPile also lets you buy and sell stocks but in addition to it, stockpile allows the trader to gift single shares of the stock or buy a part of shares with trade fee as low as 99 cents. When it is about your own account, the fractional trade lets you purchase high-value stocks like Amazon, Google, and Berkshire Hathaway without paying $1000 or even more per share. You can invest in a small fraction of a share with a minimum investment.

Stockpile is great for families as it allows you to buy and give the shares of stocks as presents. There are many people who want to teach their kids to trade the stocks, and Stockpile is ideal for teens, family and kids portfolios where investing can be practiced as a family activity.

6. E-Trade

A few years ago E-Trade was considered to be a pioneer in online investing. This silicon based brokerage started offering different online trades by using internet through America Online CompuServe. For a longtime E-Trade has been a leader in trading online as well as mobile trading. It still is one of the leading online trading app due t9o its advanced features that make trading even easier. Options House which has its own efficient app for stock traders is also owned by E-trade.

7. Best for retirement :Vault

There are many people who are self-employed and such people do not have any pension when they retire and need to think ahead about their future. Though there are several options that the self-employed freelancers can think about but according to experts the best option that they can select is Vault.

Vault is an app that allows the users to open Roth IRA, IRA or SEP IRA accounts to invest their money. A SEP is a kind of IRA specific retirement account specially designed for self-employed workers. No matter what type of IRA you ask for, Vault gives you the permission to invest according to a specific percentage of your income.

Link: Download the Vault App for Android

8. Best with Fake Money: TradeHero

Stock trading is not an easy task to accomplish and millions of people out there get attracted to it but don’t attempt doing it because they don’t have money to waste and they do not have any previous experience of the stock trading. For all this out there who are not confident enough to enter the stock market with real money TradeHero provides a chance to learn the stock trading without spending any money. TradeHero lets the person play a stock market game on his mobile through the internet where he trades with $100,000 with real stock market rates but without putting his income at risk.

Link: Download the tradehero finance for Android

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