Top 10 UI UX Design Trends For Mobile Apps In 2019

The year is about to end, with various tech innovations witnessed throughout the year lets discuss some notable UI trends of 2019 in the Mobile App industry.

Technology has been evolving with time, tech-savvy minds jot down to work for a cause and they often come up with something that is both appealing and worth remembering.

Listed below are the top 10 UI designs trends for the mobile app industry in 2019

1. UI Without buttons


We didn’t imagine the user interface of the mobile app without any buttons. But with the pace in the tech industry, we can expect anything.

Consider Instagram, you don’t need any button to change the stories, Do you? This UI tool is gaining extreme popularity within the e-commerce apps, where the users don’t require separate buttons to check out their orders. They can add the item to the cart simply by dragging it.

2. UI Voice Assistance


Voice-assisted interfaces are getting to a vital trend as we look forward to 2019. It’s similar to that of Siri where the user will be needed to sign in a voice-controlled mobile app with voice arranges and he won’t have to click any catch or enter a security pin.

3. Hero Images on Homepage


Hero pictures describe the app comprehensively. As an example, if a stylish image, then it shows that your app contains some substance and magnificence. On the contrary, a colorful image predicts that the app is entertainment-based containing lightweight content.

Hero pictures are the main or key pictures that are usually found at the top of the app and are sometimes observed as a prominent app banner. Not to say that they’re an important facet of the UI style for the mobile app that can’t be unnoticed.

4. Various Interactive Layers


One of the changes in mobile app design that might stay within the limelight for the coming year is that the use of overlapping for the fonts, illustrations and coolers. It might build the UI style not solely embellishing however additionally giving a sense of the spacious area.

In fact, the app designers have already begun to use this element wide. Moreover, if you’re combining the overlapping feature with of the shadows, it might more enhance your UI styles to an excellent extent.

5. Split Screens


The hot trend of this year that can be much more innovated is that the active usage of split screens, maybe quad split in 2019, in each internet and mobile interfaces. This trend is nothing new, it ponders over varied spheres of style, and currently, it’s positively back and alive. The approach is believed to be effective in terms of responsive style as you will play with content variations not missing the uniformity. What’s more, it opens the limitless space for color combos and experiments.

6. Color Palettes


Colors are among the famous and prominent tools exploitation that the relevant web designers will exhibit their power and their planning talent.

Colors and hues additionally play virtually a similar role as background pictures. They grab the eye of the users and invoke emotions. You must additionally note that even huge players of the app market like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snap chat etc. keep revamping their color combos simply to vary the mood of the users. So, why do you have to lack behind? Colors additionally facilitate you, enhancing the creative tone of the app.

7. Opacity

A major plus that you offer to spice up your computer program is adding the opacity feature to surge the app transparency. Here you got wind of completely different transparency settings like the color or the illustrations for achieving a spirited glass surface for the app interface segments.

In fact, opacity is additionally used for planning the app logos likewise. However, it all depends on you concerning, your setting of the opacity components and obtaining the simplest desired lead to the top.

8. Full-Screen Background Pictures


A new trend has come back to the forefront that has the intensity to instinctively charm an outsized variety of audiences. The name of this UI style element is a full-screen background picture whether or not you’re using a specific image or any special rendered specifications.

Once the user gets engaged with the app, he can pay more time, flicking through the various pages. The users tend to feel fresh looking at the sumptuous pictures.

9. Functional Animators


Interface animation continues to be a hot and debatable topic. Even with an enormous army of these World Health Organization realize UI Animation an excess feature overloading computer program and creating it a lot of sophisticated, most users expect the motion to be an integral a part of interaction expertise. So, designers and 3d Animation Companies search for subtle strategies to create animation pleasant-looking and problem-solving feature of contemporary apps and websites. Micro-interactions supported by clear finalization via motion produce quick feedback for the user and build the expertise positive and economical whereas navigation easy and intuitive. Animated buttons, switches, toggles and different interactive components inform the user in split seconds activating all the potential of quick perception.

10. High-Quality photo content


The previous UI style examples have conjointly featured a new in style trend of this year is the usage of high-quality and creative picture content. Photography may be a great way to impress users with realistic and clear visuals still setting the required associations. With speedily developing photo stock websites, designers have a lot of opportunities to seek out smart images; still, for several comes, particularly e-commerce ones, the inventive teams shoot the first content entirely equivalent to the goals of the product. It’s particularly noticeable within the spheres of everyday life: fashion, toys, food, drinks, etc.

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That’s all about the top 10 mobile app UI trends to follow in 2019. We know the list is quite large, the most prominent ones have been picked, that have been attaining the attention of the users. The development of further UI technologies will result by affecting the whole ecosystem. Creating room for more new UI inventions to bloom.

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