Top 7 Best Small Business Apps – Business Apps For Every Entrepreneur

A few decades back there was nothing as apps to do business and people had to move around to make their businesses successful. Today, the world has changed a lot and if you already own an established business you can take it to the height of success with just a few swipes of your fingers over the screen of your android devices. All this has become possible with the latest technology that is being used all over the world to do all sorts of business. Right from a small online store to the big brand stores all are busy in shopping online.

To gain the ultimate success in the world of business you now have to use different business organization apps to stay ahead of your competitors. The following is a brief introduction to a variety of apps that are equally useful for startups as well as big brands.

1. ReScue Time

For success in any business time management plays a significant role and there is one of the top business applications that helps you manage your time in a positive manner , it is called Rescue Time .It runs in the background of your mobile devices or your computers and keeps calculating all the activity done on your website and apps. At the end of each day the user gets a detailed report of his activity throughout the day. This way the businessman can cut short on all the activities that were not needed at that time. Rescue Time is not available for iPhones yet.

2. Mobile Day

To make your small business a big brand in the years to come you have to put in a lot of efforts and hard work. Sometimes you even have to call meeting on urgent basis while you yourself are on the go. A short time ago people used to use their outlook calendar and enter the ten digit number to make a conference call but the development of latest apps like Mobile Day have eliminated the hassle to a great extent as you just need a swipe or two to make a conference call while you are entering the airport lounge for a business travel. The app syncs with your phone calendar and makes your access to all your meetings easily accessible. It also permits you to send email or text message in case you are late. In short, it is one of the best small business apps on the market.

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3. Slack

To speed your sluggish business activities you need some force that could help you get going ,one such assistant that can work for the progress of your business at a fast pace is called Slack.  It is a messaging application. It provides you with a choice to organize your conversations into channels that may be easily defined by the users of this app. No matter if you want to divide the channels by department, project team or any other way it is your own choice. This app does not only allow you to send sms, it integrates with other social media apps that include Google Hangouts, Twitter and even Mailchimp to keep all your conversation record in one place. You can assign for the notifications to appear in the channel that you select. For example if you create a channel with your HR director and assign for twitter notification to appear so both of you can stay updated about the Re-tweets and direct messages.

4. Humin App (Phone)

Nowadays, every businessman knows the importance of networking for the growth of a flourishing business. In old times the businessmen had to remember the names and contact information of all the important people but today this job is being done by the latest apps that have emerged as the best assistants of the busy entrepreneurs. One of the best small business management apps that help the businessmen be organized is Humin app, which is the app that combines the contacts from your social media accounts and mobile phones with your voicemail, email and calendar so that the context can be easily provided to the contacts of your phone. After the contact information is combined you can easily use something like Google to sort through the contacts. If you need to recall the person who met you last Monday you can easily ask Humin and get the right answer. If you want to know about your contact who works at Microsoft you can ask Humin and it will give you the right reply.

5. Mint

On the go apps have become an integral part of all the small and big businesses. One of the most popular business apps is known as Mint. For the businessmen who don’t know how to track business expenses but want to manage their financial matters conveniently, use Mint it to do so. Mint app is used to compile all the accounts into one place so that the businessmen can have a quick overview whenever they need them. Mint is designed to categorize the transactions in a way that entrepreneurs can easily check the revenue, expenses and spending with a simple chart. There is a special feature that the businessmen who use it really like about it, it is called the bill pay reminder. It is known as one of the best business expenses tracker app available on the market.

6. Asana

There is a word that the people who know about yoga might be familiar with a word Asana it means the posture but the entrepreneur of today knows it better as ‘efficiency’. Asana is a project management app that works best for organization of different tasks related to small business. Each user of the app can create his own to-do list and easily assign tasks to others with deadlines, detailed notes and relevant files. The users are allowed to add subtasks and comment on the lists. It is one of the best apps for small business till date.

7. Skype

When it is about the transition of a small business to a big brand the constant effort and struggle is the key to achieving the goal. The small businessmen have to stay in constant touch for their teams in order to reach the level of success required to become big brands. When it is about communication apps Skype needs no introduction as it has been the oldest and most effective communication app being used across the globe for net meetings and conference calls.

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