6 Best Customer Support Software Solutions

In the globalized world of today one important thing that is the driving force in the success of most of the online businesses is the customer support that they get from the business representatives. The businesses have become so widespread that they cannot afford to hire excessive staff to cater the needs of customers in form of customer support representatives. In the present era, there are a number of customer support solutions that the big brands use to stay in touch with their customers 24/7.The following are some of the online software solutions that the businesses use to communicate with the customers.

1. Freshdesk

Customer support plays a vital role in making a business popular among the masses. An efficient customer care has a significant role to play in building a positive image of your brand, and is a sign that you really care about your clients and are always there to help them in every possible way.

According to the latest investigations Freshdesk is one of the best customer support solutions software that different businesses have been using to satisfy their customers. Freshdesk is one of the most desirable help desk option available for the customer of today. The tools used in most of the customer service platforms consist of different ticketing mechanisms that are automated, easy team access to support inboxes, knowledge based on information platforms and may more. The system has some other useful features like a ticket-time tracking operation that assists in determining the hurdles that come in the way of support operations.

Freshdesk also has an arcade feature that feeds the gamification trend of the present era. This feature has turned the customer support system into an enjoyable experience. The software is also available for android devices, iOS and windows.

2. Salesforce Essentials

Every business needs a strong relationship with its customers to become successful in the market. It is one of the most popular productivity software that the small and big businesses need to retain their old customers and attract the new ones. It has a greatly configurable line. It is a holistic software program that is used to cater the needs of customer support, sales and the CRM of all types of businesses.

According to the latest studies most of the customers prefer buying form the companies that offer consistent support and services to them. Salesforce Essentials is one of the best customer service software that offers undisturbed connectivity and smooth communication such as when you want to carry -on with your conversation with your existing or potential customers from phone to live chat or from life chat to phone.

Salesforce Essentials offers multi-channel support to its valued customers. There are different methods of communication that the businesses use to get in touch with their customers and the customers use to get in touch with the businesses these include Phone, chat, in other words you have multiple choices to use to get in touch with the businesses, it helps in keeping the communication lines clear and the messages organized systematically.

The businesses that use Salesforce essentials can provide their customer care staffs with time to attend to the tasks that are more important as the computerization of the customer support enable the repetitive tasks to be done automatically. The use of this software encourages the customers to search for the answers they need.

 3. Zoho Desk

The new member of the productivity family is known as Zoho desk. It is one of the leading customer service platforms used by big and small businesses; it is equipped with some very good features. For the beginners Zoho Desk helps provide in-time an reliable support on a number of channels, it gives a sudden boost to the productivity of your staff and this helps in proper use of opportunities and identification of different patterns. The automation of tasks is a significant part of this package.

4. Live agent

Live agent is a popular addition in the vast field of customer care where new technique is being followed by the big and small businesses to save the time so that their time is saved and the staff could try to solve the more issues that need immediate attention. Live agent is the software that makes you be a leader in the customer interactions and help you provide flawless support experience to you valued customers.

Live agent is fully equipped with latest technological management and chat features which helps give the customers a helping hand even if you don’t even know their problem.

5. Zendesk

One of the best customer service solutions that people expected and expected it right to be among the top eight customer support solutions of the year is Zendesk. It is known to be one of the exceptional performers of help desk providers. It has been catering the customer support needs of more than 40,000 big and small companies like Disney, Groupson, Rovio and Disney .The diversity that you can see in the clients of the company tells us a lot about the versatility of this unique software.

Zendesk is has the ability to handle of thousands of tickets daily and can be easily operated by upto 500 agents at a time. It is very easy to install.

6. Teamsupport

Teamsupport is a popular customer support system that is gaining recognition in the market at a really fast pace. It is mostly suitable for business to business correspondence that provides some of the best teamwork features in its field. According to a majority of satisfied customers with use of Teamsupport helps in management of traditional practices regarding tickets and makes customer support even more affordable. It contain latest visual based tools that are good for Omni channel task management, and easily adjusts with the growing demands of a progressive business.

Teamsupport provides the customers with easy access to its team of professionals who are the experts of help desk and have years of experience in the light of which they provide the customers with good advice.

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