From Entertaining Cartoons to a Major Tool Translating Your Brand Story

Being nostalgic if we recall our most beautiful memories of the cozy weekends passed watching cartoons on televisions. Either they were the exemplary chapters of our fondest tom and jerry or the bug’s bunny chewing carrot and entertaining us with his what’s up doc? Since then and till now the cartoon animated production companies have always been successful in making our imaginations reality.

It might be the keen ness and the zeal that has revealed notable changes in the animation industry, in relatively a short span

Industry analysis through time

It’s perhaps this curiosity and enthusiasm, which has led to so many dramatic changes in the animation industry, in such a short period of time.

Going deep into the ocean of animation industry will reveal on you the animation techniques that are as nostalgic as telling a tale but endures to facilitate the domestic as well as professional viewers. In other terms the animation is a whole artistry coming to life that the human race have explored earlier than the Stone Age. Today the animation is classified by the cartoon appearances and their counterparts making moves to tell a story

Taking a look at the past, the animation techniques depict the movements of artful objects and certain pictures that has been altered over the span of years, yet we are in the era where the artificial intelligence and internet of things assist us craft some extraordinary anime that is well liked by miscellaneous audiences

Flying through the time, re-experiencing the evolution of animation and also anticipating of what the future has to bring

The revolution of motion graphics and computer  

Though the very first computer anime were plain, in the least words it even the ways of animation weren’t changed

1967; the first computer generated animated film Hummingbird was created with an array of 30 thousand images and 25 movements and arrangement produced by computer

Frame by frame cartoons from 2D characters are now done wholly with the help of computers. Apart from being making the process less complicated it assist the artists and graphic designers more leverage. They can produce content even without employing real actors and spending heavy costs on costumes and sets

Yet the first animated 2D successful film was Sword in the Stone created by Walt Disney animation studios. While the next era released a number of timeless hits at the box office including Mary Poppins, aristocrats, and Jungle Book.

Theater activities and festivities 

However, the point where computers have almost blazed the trail is with the introduction of 3D animation. 3D modeling and animations were created on screen with the help of certain geometries in a 3D collaborated system. Once the graphical structure of the figure is defined with the whole eyes, limbs and apparels used to be moved over the frames and the animation was extracted.

One of the foremost films to be released with the application of 3D animation was The Adventures of Andre and Wally B by Pixar

And so on in 1991 the sequel of terminator 2 flaunted precisely what the technique can do with stat of the art transforming effects for its half computer crafted figures

By then the Pixar showcased its timeless pieces of completely CGI produced animations in Toy Story 1995. Taking leverage of the complicated system of model crafting and movement control codes, pixar has been the king for creating figures with in fascination, deepness and persona

The master piece that crowned the CGI technology-Avatar by James Cameron

The advanced CGI was used along with the motion capture techniques, taking leverage from the 2000 HP servers, handling 35000 processing centers and 104 TB of RAM to run the film

As the animations were being made with the use of computers, the progress from internet technologies raised the process of crafting 2D and 3D anime videos much easier and faster

Video explainers, animated ads and motion graphics

Leading brands, such as Apple, Dropbox have introduced the trend of using cartoon animations and motion graphic to deliver their core values. Animation has taken the privilege with the introduction of internet and technical assistance

Animation and brand story telling what’s making the difference

• One can be achieved with frame by frame motion technique

• Innovative means of animation techniques involve motion graphics and 3D computer cartoons

The conventional animation, every frame is arranged in a sequence where there are 24 frames every second, well with modernized methods of animation things have become easier as it uses rigging techniques and save time by only making two frames the first and the last frame while the program creates rest of the frames

A look at the recent day’s 3D animation  

Taking inti the example of win supply the hardware brand created the brand story with cartoon animation production

Yet another ground breaking technique that is the major tool for business communicating their values is the motion graphic animation

All is done with computer generated graphics producing the animations with voice overs. These videos may not stick to be a cartoon character and can make use of the different graphics

Animation and the real actions

As we are gaining expertise in cartoon animated videos, many small entities reconsider about if they are using the real actions or a series of animation videos for businesses. They keep on evaluating the methods that can help deliver their brand story efficiently and which one would be more feasible to work with

Animated TV shows and series

Present is the time in which we are living is the web series most preferred by the viewers to be taken in the form of entertainments. The action fantasy series such as Games of Thrones, happy tree friends, salad fingers are what the crowd sticks with every now and then leading brands are also adapting the trend and producing entertaining animation to engage their viewers and make long term relations with them.

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