Complete Guide Of Barcodes & QR Codes: Things You Should Know About

All of you have ever seen these barcode and qr code sometimes. And often they see them made up of any product. These codes are made in something weirdly. And as soon as they scan them, it gives us some information regarding the product. Today, we will tell people about these barcode and qr code how does this work ? How to scan barcode and qr code? So what are you doing this article barcode & QR code ?

What is Bar code?

It is made up of many black and white strips which is the information stored in the numeric form. This number can be any number from 0 to 9. But it can store very little information in itself. Which reads with the help of a barcode scanner.

In the barcode scanner or barcode reader, each line has a dimension according to the thickness of the line. And as soon as we scan it, the binary number system determines which number is in this barcode.

The most used barcode of barcode is used for inventory management. For example you must have seen that a barcode is placed above all the products in the shopping mall, and by that we have to pay the bill too. Actually, the price of those products remains in the barcode of all products.

The software in which the computer is located, the software and information about that product is available. And as soon as we have a product barcode scanned The system shows a product in sales in its inventory. And make a bill and make a print.

What is QR Code?

Its full name is the quick responce code. It was developed in Japan by the Toyota Company in 1994 to track the original parts made by its company. In Devellop. But over time, its usage has increased and today it has also been started for advertisements, billboards, Aadhar cards, software downloads. The barcode is completely different. And it can store more information than barcode. Its biggest feature is that error correction can be done in it.

The design of qr code is very complex. It is a square shape. There are 3 alignment blocks, timing lines, error correction blocks. Alignment blocks are in square shape. And 8 blocks of 2 * 2 are made to store the data. In which the data is stored.

How to scan QR Code ?

There is no need for a scanner separately like a barcode to scan the QR code. You can also scan this QR code from your android or any smartphone. For this you can download the QR Scanner, Red Laser software from google play store. And now your smartphone will turn into a qr code scanner. These softwares easily scan the code using the phone’s camera, decoding it and displaying the store data in it or converting it to the store URL.

What is Stored in QR Code ?

We all have access to whatsapp via qr code in our pc. Or if it is correct to check the base card of any person, whether it is correct or not, then scan the qr code made on the base card and can also know its correct information. qr code is an image based hyper link. Which we can use both online and offline. In this we can encode any url, so that when someone else scans the qr code it will go to that address.

Ayushman Bharat Yojana

If you wish, then you can store the address of your website or the address of your Facebook page or link to any video from youtube, or anyone’s mobile number. And as soon as someone scans it, it will be redirected to that store link.

Uses of QR Code ?

It can be used like a business card.

If a video is viral then it is encoded in the qr code, which increases its chances of being viral. Or we can also be promoted to any product by this.

It can also be used as a discount code in online shopping.

Through this, you can encode your blog information in it and put it on your contact us page so that when someone scans it, it can get complete information about your blog. And he can save it on your phone.

It can also be used to log in to mobile, so that the password will not be repeated in the mobile.

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