The 3D Animation Trends To Follow In 2019

It is not a lie to say that animation is one of the most diverse and the fastest growing industry in the world.

Previously it has been associated with the entertainment industry but today it has made its way into many other industries like medicine, education, engineering, architecture, advertisement, marketing, etc.

3D animation services and motion graphics have become the fastest way of communicating your visions and ideas to the masses. It has the capability of explaining even the most complex and challenging ideas in a fun and engaging way.

With the increase and continuous development in technology, the animation process have become easier and less complicated than the traditional animations. We have come a long way since the days of flipbooks and traditional styles of animations right up to using amazing animation software.

As said above, animation have made its way into many industries and these industries are following different animation trends to make attention-grabbing videos.

So let’s talk about some of the 3D animation trends in 2019 for you to follow!

1. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is more like braking all the typography rules and coming on with an amazing design to compel the audience.

More and more animators are pushing their boundaries in animated typography by stretching, twisting, pixelating and morphing the letters and texts in all directions. It sometimes seems to be forming almost a 3D structure made of letters.

2. Broken text

Broken text is a kind of typography. Although it’s not a new trend, but it is taking the animations to a whole new level. The words can be placed at different levels or spread out across the screen creating amazing visuals to attract the audience.

It won’t be wrong to say that they are more of a poetic representation conveying the actual meaning of each word.

3. Seamless transition

Seamless transitions have been in trend for quite some time now and is expected to stay strong for many more years to come. Animators give their own unique touch to the designs and make it more complementing. It is like the lack of cuts between the scenes results the video to have a fluid sensation, as the scenes blend into each other.

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4. Thin lines

The use of lies in animated videos to create amazing effects and transitions in the video. Despite of the simplicity lines have, they have endless functions in design, from giving the directions to defining various shapes to separate different elements and more. The possibilities of using lines in motion graphic becomes endless, if they are given a chance to move around and a certain point, the lines themselves become the center point creating a vector iconic feeling.

5. Grains or pixilation

Adding grains in a simple 2D design for animating add a bit sense of life and into the visuals that would otherwise appear to be flat ad lifeless. It gives the flat visuals a bit of noise to be more compelling and attention grabbing. Pixilation or grains is a powerful way to add some texture to basic imagery, helping the videos to be more relatable. Moreover, grains are helpful in giving a sense of depth to the image.

6. Liquid motion

As the grain is used to add a sense of life in the image, liquid motion uses splashes of color to give an organic feel to the video. Instead of having a clean transition, the trends add the color to move and dance around and flow like liquid across the screen.

The liquid transforms into new shapes, creating amazing visuals to give a visual delight as the video progresses. It mesmerizes the audience, making the subject of the video to be more approachable and the viewer feel closer to getting the message.

7. The combination of 2D and 3D

2D and 3D animations is the most popular trend that has the strength to make compelling videos. Animators have been using 2D and 3D animations in design to make amazing visual and attract the viewer.

The animators use 3d animation video maker services or 2D animation software to give depth to the images or move around the character with different camera tricks.

Furthermore, designers have started integrating retro 2D styles and the contemporary 3D motion graphic techniques together creating exceptional visuals.

8. Big, bold typography

Another creative typography style and trend that is here to stay is the bold typography integrated into designs. It can be seen on many websites giving the brands and designers a chance to better explain their visions to the audience, and boldly presenting what they stand for. This style uses beautiful mix and match techniques and trends, using bold typography as the means of transition between the scenes.


The animation industry is going through many changes because of which the animators should always be learning new tricks and follow the trends to stay afloat in the tough competition in the industry.

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