Assets you should know about upcoming Xiaomi Mobile phones in 2019

In this rapidly changing world of technology each day a new gadget or an improved version of a smartphone enters the market. The ever increasing competition between the mobile phone developing and manufacturing companies is the motivational force behind all new features that are introduced in smart phones by the top companies like Xiaomi; these features make the performance of a lot of tasks much easier than they used to be done manually. Each Xiaomi upcoming mobile in 2019 that is to be launched by the company is expected to have some new features to make the product standout in the market full of latest devices. The latest Xiaomi mobile phones, in the pipeline of the great Chinese mobile phone manufacturer famous for providing the best value for your money Xiaomi, has been working day and night to add some new features to the mobiles that increase their market value. The following is a brief introduction of upcoming Xiaomi Mobile phones and their qualities that make them unique.

Redmi Pro 2

One of the latest Xiaomi mobile phones that are being awaited by the mobile users across the globe is the Redmi Pro 2. It was previously launched a few years back but after some time it was nowhere to be found, the Xiaomi Company has now added a lot of new features that make it more compatible than ever before. It is expected to enter the market with Snapdragon 675 and Sony IMX 586 48 megapixel sensor. It was planned to hit the Chinese market by January 10th 2019 and the Indian market in the month of March.

Redmi 7

Redmi 7 is one of the latest devices to be launched by Xiaomi in the year 2019.Redmi is the sub brand of Xiaomi, and this sub-brand will be launching a number of new devices by the end of 2019. One of the most popular devices in the tech news is the Redmi 7. It is expected to be a remarkable upgrade of the Redmi 6. The official images of the device are already circulating in the market. The device has a dual camera that is place vertically placed at the top edge at the left side. The display of the device is 6.3-inch water drop notched.

Xiamoi Mi 8 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 8 pro is yet another smart phone that is expected to attract the attention of huge number of tech lovers in the year 2019 due to its latest technological features. As the phone has a clear back cover from where you can easily see the components your device is made of it would attract the attention of the youth who is always in search of something unique and different. The company does explain that what you see through the back cover of the phone is not the originally used board layout, but the real transistors are used by eth brand to make their device standout among the rest. The in-display fingerprint sensor is the feature that the cell phone buyers can get attracted to.

Among all the upcoming mobile phones only Xiaomi  Mi 8 Pro offers the feature of in-display fingerprint sensor, though the module is not as fast as that of the conventional fingerprint sensors it  is a cool new way to unlock the phone. The latest phone Mi 8 is equipped with 6.21-inch FHD and Amoled display and DCI-P3 color gamut. It has the standard storage of 128 GB, it comes with 8GB RAM. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Aptx HD, it has a 3000mAh. The dual sim device is powered by Snapdragon 845.

Like most of the mobile users if you notice the camera of Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro it has 12 MP sensors at the back- a basic wide angle lens with 4 axis OSI that is backed by a telephoto shooter. The shooter situated at the front is 20 MP and Xiaomi is providing the freedom of AI scene detection as well as scene lighting to differentiate between the cameras.

Mi 9 The mobile phone brand named Xiaomi has been working on a number of new projects. The latest device from the company that is expected to gain a lot of attention from the tech lovers is the Mi 9 that will be running on the latest version of Snapdragon 855 platform. It is one of the best Mi   It is expected to hit the market in the month of February 2019 at the occasion of Mobile World Congress. It is one of the most awaited upcoming Mi mobiles in 2019. The device is expected to enter the market with a triple rear camera installation that consists of a basic 48MP Sony IMX 586 sensor, there is a 12MP secondary sensor and the third camera is expected to be a 3D TOF camera. The phone is speculated to have 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage.

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