The Battle Begins Google Chrome vs. Firefox: Which Is The Best Web Browser

Google Chrome vs. Firefox

The present era is that of the world wide web and the information that people used to gather from libraries and books is now gathered from the internet as it is more convenient and time efficient method to reach the information. To gather information from the internet software is required that is generally known as a browser. Different web browsers have different effects on the computers that they are used on. Only the best web browsers have minimum negative effects on your computer.

Which is the best web browser? Is a question that has been in debate for years and the answer to this question keeps on changing with every new change in the world of information technology. Till now Chrome is considered to be the best browser to download as it is being used by millions of internet users across the globe. To recognize the best browser on internet you need to study the most popular web browser closely and see for yourself which one suits you the most and wins the battle that is mostly fought Google Chrome vs. Firefox. In order to decide which is the best browser on internet? the following is a brief introduction of Pros and Cons of Google Chrome in the light of which you can judge between Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome

Though the competition between the leading web browsers has been quite tough the experts like Microsoft has preferred Google chrome for years until recently the latest and much advanced version of Firefox hit the market.

Google is the internet giant that has been offering different types of internet services for the people who need internet in their day to day lives. In fact the services offered by Google started long before any tough competitor entered the market, but today there are several other internet browsers available that have the qualities that are good enough to challenge the Popular web browser known as Google Chrome.

Pros of Google chrome

• The bests feature of Google chrome that makes it so popular among its users is the ability to sync, when you log in to Chrome using a Google account it synchronizes the passwords, extensions, bookmarks, history and a number of other settings between devices that you mostly use. It makes working with multiple devices very convenient as it permits consistent context while using the browser.

• Google chrome has been the most compatible browser for HTML 5 as no other browser supports it the way chrome does.

• Chrome has a variety of build-in developer tools that may not be an attraction for the common users but play a vital role in attracting the people who are connected to the profession of web development as they use the tools for their work. Most of the web developers use Chrome for the testing of the apps and software that they develop, and in built development tools prove to be beneficial for the professional developers.

• According to the TopTen reviews Google Chrome happens to be one of   the best internet browsers used by millions of users. It works best with   initial startups; it works equally well for average startups and the   navigation times. It is truly compatible for uBlock Origin adblocker.

• Google Chrome has a simple user interface and the address bar and the   search bar is one and the same thing, that is why Google calls it Omnibox.

• Multiple account Logins are allowed with Google Chrome browser only. One facility that Google Chrome offers its users is that of getting logged in with multiple accounts at a time, and this makes managing different accounts super easy.

• Chrome works great with a number of extensions while other browsers become slower with each increasing extension. Chrome maintains its good speed regardless of the number of extensions added to the browser.

• One more feature that makes chrome so popular is the fact that each of   the tabs that we open works at its own speed and if one tab becomes   unresponsive the others stay responsive and we do not have to restart   the  browser.

• Chrome has one more feature that is lacking in most of the browsers   and  that is its ability to cast data from one device to the other using     Google Chromecast.

• It uses less RAM as compared to Firefox and many other browsers.


• One thing that most of the critics talk about in connection to Google   Chrome being the best browser is    that it is not an open source browser   like Firefox and a number of other browsers.   

• For the computer systems that are low on memory or RAM it might not   work properly but we cannot call it a con as most of the browsers need   ample amount of computer memory to work efficiently.

• Online tracking of the browser activity is on by default and you have the   option of stop tracking but you have to do it manually.

• When chrome was introduced it was considered one of the fastest web   browsers but with passage of time it has become noticeably slow for a   number of operating systems if not all.   


There is one thing about information technology that leaves the debates and comparisons between two web browsers undecided and that is the different behavior of software with different operating systems, and resources. When Firefox works good on Linux chrome proves to work more efficiently with windows or even vice versa. So, to sum up the debate there is only one conclusion that both Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome are efficient browsers and work very well provided the system they are to be used on has enough Ram and storage.

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