Things You Should Know About Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Satisfactory Specs of Xiaomi

The world is rapidly turning towards the latest technology and the devices that have come into being for the assistance of human being in performing their routine tasks. This fact has given a lot of importance to the android devices that people use for doing multi-tasking while they are actually on the go. There are dozens of companies out there that claim to make the latest android devices that have all the features that a mobile user wants to have in his phone.

Xiaomi is one of the latest mobile manufacturing companies that has entered the market quite recently and has taken the market by storm. The company has gained quite a lot of clientele in a very short time. The company has launched a new cellphone named Mi 8 Pro. The smartphone has attracted a lot of people towards it and many of them have converted to Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

If you are one of those who like following the latest trend on the market and are planning to buy a Xiaomi phone you should know about the qualities of the mobile phone that would be enough to satisfy you as a mobile user. In order to help you make the right decision while buying a smartphone the following is a short  introduction of feature that make Mi 8 Pro a good choice.

The Design

The first thing that one notices when buying a cell phone is the design of the device. The new phone launched by Xiaomi known as Mi 8 Pro resembles the former edition of phones manufactured by Xiaomi known as Mi 8 that was a look alike of the Apple’s iPhone. In fact generally speaking the cell phone manufacturer known as Xiaomi has been copying the look of cell phones that belong to the big brands.

The Chinese mobile companies use different materials in various colors to manufacture the Mobile phones but the latest phone known as Mi 8 Pro comes in Titanium, it’s back cover is made with a transparent material that is something different for the mobile users to experience but it is not new a HTC has tried to do the same in the past.

Xiaomi is one of those companies who like doing experiments with colors, and that is what the company did by adding a few red buttons to the handset. There are red colored accents around the camera lenses; the power button at the side of the phone is also red in color. Everything that you see at the back of the phone is not real and is installed just for the sake of design. The phone has a slightly curved aluminum chassis and has a corning gorilla glass 5 covers on both front and back. In short if you want to use the phone for a bit long it is better to use it with a cover.


The Mi 8 Pro has 6.21-inch Samsung –made super amoled display, it has the resolution of 1080×2, 248 and supports HDR. Most of the phones that come in the price range of Mi Pro do not have an outstanding display; in fact the Xiaomi phones just hardly meet the display standards of high quality.

 The brightness of the device can be rated up to 600 units and different angles for viewing are great in general. Though the colors seem light hues but there are enough option that the manufacturers can use to add the color of their choice to the phone. No matter what changes they make in the colors of Mi 8 pro it would never reach the elegance of black Samsung phones.


The Mi 8 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC which provides you with 8 GB of standard of RAM. The abundance of RAM and other memory sources make the user experience out of the world as the phone’s battery does not drain fast.

According to experts Xiaomi Mi 8 pro is far better than its sibling in every way. In fact the price of the phone is much reasonable if we compare the phones made by big brands.

Hardware Mi 8 Pro

The hardware used for Mi 8 Pro can be considered as best available for the price; the phone has the RAM and the ROM that is far better than was used in the phones that hit the market in the past. The phone has 128 GB non expandable memory. The size of the battery is smaller than it was in Mi 8. In the Mi 8 the battery did not perform upto the expectations and it is still the same as Mi 8 Pro also has to face the battery drainage issue. It can be considered as best value for your money.

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