Top 7 Must Have Best Android Antivirus Mobile Apps In 2019

There are millions of Mobile users in the world, and the present era is that of the speedy progress in the field of information technology. The ever increasing use of mobile phones has increased the risk of virus attacks on the mobiles phones. The companies responsible for software development for mobiles and computers have been busy in developing the security apps that could provide the mobile phones with maximum protection against harmful viruses. The following is a brief introduction of some of the security apps that are expected to hit the market in the year 2019.

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

One of the best available security apps for android devices like phones and tablets is Kaspersky. It is available both in free version with facility of in-app purchases of premium features. The security app is also available in paid version. There is a huge difference in the free trial version of the app and the paid version of the app. For free version apps the scanning for malware is done manually but the paid version provides you with real time protection anti- phishing, anti-theft and even an app locker for the protection of your important apps. The special features that are a part of Kaspersky include:-

  • Special call filter that protects your system against unwanted and spam calls
  • Find my phone facility that helps locate your phone in case of theft or loss
  • Checking of background apps for any risk of malware in the downloaded apps
  • Effective protection against Trojans, viruses, and malware.

2. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is the name of an anti-virus program that has been providing a shield to a huge number of mobile users from all over the world. This remarkable app starts working with just a single tap on the screen of your device and scans for infected apps and dangerous viruses. Avast antivirus keeps your device protected from spyware and other security threats. It offers some in-app purchases with the help of which you are able to remove the unwanted ads and easily access the app locking facility; it has some more features that include camera trap and SIM security. The free version of the app has some incredible features that help protect your android devices. It is one of the best contenders for the race of best free antivirus for Android.

Important features of Avast Mobile Security

  • It has a special app insight that estimates the time that you spend on each app that you have.
  • It has junk cleaning feature that cleans the cache and residual files
  • It has a Photo vault that secures photographs against unwanted access
  • It offers a web shield for safe web browsing experience

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3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Among dozens of  Anti-virus  software available in the market Bitdefender Antivirus Free is one of the most powerful and effective antivirus program that works to protect the android devices against all the major threats to the devices that run on android operating system. It is one of the very few antivirus apps that is lightweight and uses in-the-cloud technology for the scanning of the android devices; it is one of the fastest scanning types. This antivirus does not drain the battery of your android phone nor does it slow down your device. The app is very useful in scanning all the new apps as they are installed. This app offers real-time protection. It also has a paid version but the company offers it to the users for 14 days free trial. If you want to benefit from the advanced features that the app possesses like malware scanner, anti-theft, App locker, web security, account privacy you will have to try the paid version of the app.

Significant features of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • It has a cohesive VPN for easy access to blocked website
  • It has a smart unlock that helps unlock apps whenever a trusted Wi-Fi is available
  • Its web protection feature scans the adware and malware during browsing
  • Offers support for Android Wear devices

4. Norton Security & Antivirus

According to experts the latest version of Norton antivirus offers a very impressive Android security functions even in the free version. It provides complete security against spyware and malware and removes all the threats including android has the ability to trigger an alarm in case your android device is missing, it can lock your device to prevent the data of your device from getting lost and even block unwanted SMS and phone calls.

This app has some stand-alone app features like password manager, app locker and many more that are available for free on Play Store. The advanced features are available for trial for one month. It is considered to be one of the most trusted antiviruses for android devices for the year 2019.

Special features that Norton Security and Antivirus has

  • Constant Wi-Fi scanning to alert you about the unsecure Wi-Fi connections available
  • It has a safe search feature that helps flagging the unsecure websites while you browse
  • Helps get rid of suspicious calls by blocking unwanted calls
  • It has a special sneak peak feature, which clicks pictures of the person who uses your device without authority.

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5. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos mobile Security provides your android device with complete protection against viruses and malware without compromising on the performance of your device or the battery life. It is one of the best feature rich apps that blocks unwanted ads too. You can also benefit from the features like loss and theft protection, call blocker, security advisor and even the authenticator.

Important features

  • Web filtering to block malicious websites
  • Protection of apps with a passcode
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Call blocking

6. Security Master

Security Master is a sophisticated and latest form of a former CM Security app that was developed for android devices. This is expected to be the best all-in-one app to be used by the masses in the year 2019. If you have a look at the play store downloads you will notice that millions of people have downloaded it. It works quite efficiently to protect your android devices against all sorts of viruses and malware. In its free version a lot of features are offered for the users, these features include Wi-Fi security, message security, battery saver, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, and the call blocker.

7. Avira Antivirus Security

Though Avira Antivirus Security app is not as popular as many other security apps it is no way behind others when it is about the complete protection of your android devices against all types of threats including viruses, malware and spy ware. It has the ability to scan even your external memory storage and provides a report about the security scale of each app. It also has a cell phone tracker to track your phone’s location whenever required.

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