15 Best PC Games That You Shouldn’t Miss To Play In 2019

In the modern era of today people like to spend most of their spare time by themselves and the need for PC games is more than that of parks and restaurants. The year 2019 has something for everyone and the gamers are no exception. There is a whole new world of games waiting to be played by the gamers of all ages and genders with as much excitement as they can handle. No matter if you like horror games or you love arcades, no matter if you like strategy games or adventure filled games, and the gaming world has something new to offer to the gaming freaks. If you are one of those who are in search of new and exciting games to enjoy, the following list may help you with finding what is best for you.

1. Slay The Spire

If you want to experience the game designing skills at their best you should play the latest state of the art game known as Slay The Spire. The game is zeroed-in on linking the cards together to create fall of damage, utility and defense. The best thing about Slay the Spire is the way it makes the feeling of strength so undefinable.

2. Resident Evil 2 Game

 There is one thing that makes Resident Evil 2 one of the favorite must play PC games of today is the transformation of the slow moving and shambling zombies to an exciting character. The living characters of this game are the horrible looking things moving their bloody meat through the demolished windows. These clumsy things are a joy to kill if you have abundance of ammunitions to use. You can cut down or shoot their legs and see them running after you by dragging their clinging body parts.

3.Unruly Heroes Game

One of the latest adventure games that are gaining popularity with each passing day is known as Unruly Heroes. It is designed for Microsoft windows by Magic Design Studios. In this game the sacred scroll responsible for maintenance of harmony in the world is torn apart and strange and horrible creatures are coming into being. The four brave Heroes of the game have the ability to put everything straight and stop the world from getting vanished. The four heroes are named Sandmonk the sensitive brut, Sanzang the wise, Kihong the greedy pig and Wukong the fearless monkey. These four heroes fight a battle against the frightening beings to gather the pieces of the scroll  and save the world from chaos.

4. Wargroove PC Game

One of the latest strategy games that have hit the market in 2019 is called Wargroove. It was released on 1st February by Chucklefish for Microsoft Windows. The game is about a war situation that arises in the Kingdom of Cherrystone that is ruled by a young Queen named Mercia who has no other option left but to flee from home and find some allies to get out of the situation, her foes follow her everywhere and the game revolves around her journey to find allies.

5. Infinite Skyline PC Game

Infinite skyline is one of the latest top PC games of the year 2019, this action racing game was developed and published by Alexandre SK. The game is focuses on racing and exploring. It is developed in a huge city setup and has different developed areas of city. In the game is offered an interesting game play and realistic feeling. The game has 7 different types of helicopers from the slow speed ones to a superfast variety with different features. You can choose the texture for your helicopter. You can even choose different type of missions.

6. Derail Valley Game

Derail Valley is one of the must ply PC games for the players who love to drive. It is a train driving game published and developed by Altfuture. It lets you truly be in a train cab where you have all the control over driving it. it is one of the most immersive must have Pc games. You can choose jobs and deliver cargo too.

7. A Fisherman’s Tale

One of the best computer games ever hit the market is the adventure game known as A Fisherman’s Tale. It is developed by Innerspace VR and publisher by Vertigo Games. The game was released on 22nd January 2019. It is a mind testing puzzle adventure game that is being loved by millions of gamers by now.

8. Rift Keeper Game

One of the best computer games released in 2019 is the rift keeper, it an action game released by Frymore and published by Maple Whispering company Limited. The game is perfectly designed for Micro soft windows.

9.One Finger Death Punch

One finger death punch is the name of one of the best pc games 2019. It is a casual action game in which you will feel the connection between the mouse and the character moving on the screen of your pc. When you kill the characters in a continuous manner you feel as if you have personally did that and it is not the game that allows you to do so.

10. When They Arrived Game

It is an action adventure simulation game that is developed and published by second reality. It is developed for Microsoft Windows. In this, one of the top pc games the main character goes hunting in his grandfather’s house where there was an invasion of the aliens an you have to fight against the aliens and show your survival skills to save the world from them.

11. When Ski Lifts Go Wrong game

It is a sports related computer game that is developed by Hugecalf Studios and published by Curve digital , it was released on 23rd January 2019. It is also designed for Microsoft Windows.

12. Pumped BMX Pro Game

It is a sports related video game designed by Warp digital entertainment and published by Curve digital. This game is also designed for Microsoft windows. You can choose from 15 riders with pre designed bikes.

13. Battle Rush Game

Battle Rush :Ardennes Assault is an action game that is developed and published by Thunder Devs and is designed for Microsoft Windows. In this game you play the role of an American or German soldier.

14. Newt One Game Free

Newtone is one of the best computer games launched in the year 2019, by Devnari. It is a 3D platformer you play as Newt a new tone in the musical land that had fallen to great Slumber.

15. Golden Key Game

Golden key is one of the must play pc games launched in 2019. It is developed and published by SV Games. The role you play in this game depends upon the role you play as an officer. You play the role of an honest officer but suddenly your daughter’s life is endangered by a sudden illness for which you need money. Now it is upto you whether you play the role of a hero for your daughter and save her life or stay honest and be a hero for public.

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