Photo Management Tips and Tricks For A Windows User

With the evolution of high-end camera smartphones clicking a beautiful picture is now lot very easy task. No more adjusting the lenses, no more adjustment in ISO, shutter speed, as everything is just on single click. But easier the capturing of photo become harder it becomes the management of photos. Also, it is easier to click thousands of pictures in the time span of a few minutes but managing them without proper technique can take you days. Moreover, easy transferring and sharing of photos from one device to another makes photo management more difficult as compared to before. Now thousands of photos can be shared from device to another in a minute or two using file-sharing applications like Xender or Shareit.

So, guys if you too often find yourself struggling in managing photos then here we are with some photo management tips to ease your task.

Renaming of Photos:

Whenever you capture an image your device assigns that image a default alphanumeric name, like IMG_20181123. It is done by all devices then no matter it is clicked with a smartphone camera or a DSLR. Now the problem arises when you transfer all those photos from your device to your PC. Since all the photos have a common pattern of the name assigned to them it becomes really hard for one to distinguish a photo with other.

Image renaming on windows10

Therefore, our very first photo management tip is to rename the photos after transferring them from camera to PC. The process of renaming anything in Windows is quite simple, as you have to just right click on a photo and from the drop-down menu select Rename option. You can rename the photo as per your choice. Renaming the photos will not only make managing them easier but also sharing.

Tag the Photos:

Tagging the photos is an option that many few users use while managing their photos on Windows PC. Although this option is provided by Windows many years back, however still it is ignored by the users. But the fact is that tagging makes the searching of images really fast especially when you have to search between thousands of images.

Image tags on windows10

One can understand tag as a tool provided by the Windows to add the details in a photo. And this really makes your photo management task really easy. To add a tag in a photo, right click on it and select Properties. In the Properties window, click on Details tab. Now in the Tag option enter the text describing the photo and click on Ok.  You can add more than one tag in an image.

Create Specific Folders:

Although this photo management tip seems to be simple, but it will help you in managing your photos in a better and structured way. For example, if you every month go for an adventure trip then you can create a main folder with name Adventure Trip and under that folder, you can create sub-folder with month’s name. You can further divide that subfolder to sub-sub folder with the name of different places you visit on that trip. This tree or hierarchical structure will make it easy to find any photo and share it with your family or friend whenever required.

Delete Duplicate Photos:

With a number ofphotos, we click and share, the problem of duplicate photos is obvious to arise. These duplicate photos not only make the photo album untidy and unmanaged, but it also unnecessarily occupies a lot of space on your hard drive. Therefore, it is strictly recommended to clean all the duplicates from your PC. However, to remove these duplicates, Windows itself does not provide any tool, therefore, you have to use a duplicate photo remover to remove them. If you search on the Internet, you will find lots of duplicate photo remove tools that will automatically remove the duplicates from your PC within a few minutes. Moreover, these tools also help you to remove the similar looking images along with exact duplicate images. As per your choice and requirement, you can clean those similar as well as exact duplicates to make your photo library well organized.

So, guys, these were some of the easy to use photo management tips using which you can make your photos collection well organized.

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