Fortnite Video Game: Parents Guide To The Most Trending Video Game For Their Kids

Fortnite game is a video game developed by epic games that could be played on several different platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, Windows and mobile phones. It is a fast-paced third person shooter game that is developed in two different modes. First mode of the game was developed for solo play known as Save the World and the latest one known as Fortnite Battle Royale that has become overly popular among the kids of all ages and a large number of adults too. It is a multi-player game that can be played by upto 100 players at a time. According to Fortnite news the game is gaining much popularity and is being played by children who do not belong to the age group the game is made for.

How is Fortnite video game played?

 For all the people who don’t know what kind of game is Fortnite, the answer is it is a shooting game in which the player has to fight for his life and the one who remains unhurt till the end of the game is winner. The object of the game is to kill all others in order to save yourself.

Fortnite Video Game Reviews

If you go through the Fortnite game reviews you will notice the impact that the game has on the minds of the people. The most important question for their parents is how old do you have to be to play fortnite? The game is meant to be played by the children who are at least 12 years of age and above, but according to surveys even the six year olds are already playing the game. Reportedly millions of kids are getting addicted to the latest version of the game and so they like to stay in front of the computer whenever they get a chance to do so. There are kids who do not know about the consequences of getting involved in the chats with others so they easily start chatting with other players not knowing anything about their real age or motive behind getting the kids engaged in chat. The innocent teenagers are more likely to fall a pray to these anonymous people who use fake accounts and IDs to get the kids involved in the things that are too dangerous for them and can easily ruin their future.

The Reasons For Popularity Of Fortnite Video Game

In most of the games that are played online the in-app purchases increase the winning chances but in  Fortnite video game the in-app purchases help make the avatar look more cool. Most of the kids about to enter their teens are self-conscious and are very touchy about their looks. In video game Fortnite the character they play in the game is known as their avatar and most of the kids buy different products online to change the look of their avatar and make it look more cool and strong. The company called epic games has offered this game for free no matter what gaming console you use, but the company is smart enough to lead the gaming industry by earning profits through the in-app sales of attires for the avatars and sale of new dance moves that the gamers buy to enhance their gaming experience. The new kids joining the game watch videos on YouTube and Twitch to learn the gaming techniques making the Fortnite video game even more popular.

Average Fortnite game length is 15 minutes for one round but some players say that it lasts from 15 minutes –one hour.

Fortnite Games Parents guide

The trend of playing games is constantly on increase and this is having quite a negative impact on the minds of the kids and ultimately their parents too. It is the duty of the parents to check fortnite game age rating & find a middle way and make their kids understand the danger behind spending time in front of the screens and interacting with strangers about whom they know nothing at all.

3 Main Things The Parents Need To Know About

To keep your kids safe from the negative impact of gaming, the parents need to keep close eye on the kids and tell them about right from wrong so that they can enjoy their game without any danger of getting cheated.

Make sure the game is age appropriate

According to the Fortnite news there are many kids who are under-age for playing this game as it is meant for the kids who are at least 12 and above.

1. Beware of fake apps

Due to immense popularity of the game the predators have launched a lot of fake apps in the market so that they could cheat the innocent gamers. The scam sites that the predators have launched attract the kids and they are tempted to download the fake Fornite apps. There are several bogus websites out there that are used by the predators to promote the fake Fortnite Android Apps. The cunning scammers have even created YouTube videos that have the links to the fake websites that offer download of Fortnite android app. It is your duty to make sure that your kid does not download a fake Fortnite app and download the app from the official website of Epic games where is available in Beta version.

2. Keep away from Stranger

As parents you should teach your children not to get engaged in online live chat with the people they don’t know. The most common method that the predators use for getting kids involved with them is the in-app chat in which they convince the kids to do what they are not supposed to do. Some predators have even solicited the nude pictures of kids. So as a parent you should teach your kids to stay away from the strangers and keep their chats with only those whom they know.

3. Limit of screen Time

To keep the kids safe from getting emotionally attached to the game you should limit the time they spending in front of the screen. It has been noticed that kids who often play this game throw tantrums and get emotionally stressed out in case they lose. You should monitor your kids gaming and help them get over the emotional stress.

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