Samsung Galaxy M Series Is Likely To Launch In USA: Complete Specs & Features

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of latest technological devices especially the smartphones. According to the latest technology news the big brand Samsung has launched an M series smart phone. After introducing a whole new range of android cell phones for the Indian market, Samsung has successfully introduced a whole new range of Samsung Galaxy M series smartphones with latest features and specifications that are much different than the company’s other smartphones. The latest phones have been attracting people with their edge to edge display and a small V-shaped cut out for the front camera. It might be launched in USA too but currently it is only available in India.

Display And Design

The one most important thing that most of the viewers have been noticing in the new Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 is the design of the devices; the infinity V display has made it easy for the set to display almost edge to edge. The user might notice a small sized chin at the bottom of the screen but it is not a big one. The front camera is also used for the face unlock of the phone.

The display of Samsung Galaxy 10 phone is 6.22 inches and the screen resolution is 1520 x 720. It is a considerably smaller with a lower resolution than that of Galaxy M20, as the screen of M20 is 6.30 inch display and the resolution is 2.340×1.080.

There is a dual sensor camera situated at the back of the phone and just near it is the fingerprint sensor. The phones overall look is easily acceptable and somewhat modern.

Samsung M Series Mobile Specifications

Both Samsung M10 and M20 are a bit different from one another and the main difference is that of specifications, both the smartphones come with 1.6GHz Octa-core processor, but galaxy M10 has 2 GB of Ram and 16 GB of storage while the Galaxy M20 has 32 Gb of storage and 3 GB of RAM. The batteries of both the phones are also different the Galaxy M10 has the battery with 3,400mAH capacity the M20 has a better one of 5,000mAH capacity zippy battery.

The cameras of both the phones are almost the same with just a difference of 3 megapixels in the front facing camera. Both phones have dual sensor cameras with one sensor of 13 megapixels and the other of 5 megapixels, but the front -facing camera of M10 is 5 megapixels and that of M20 is 8 megapixels and that is the only thing that is different from M10 camera.


One thing about these latest smartphones launched by Samsung that the public is not expecting to change in near future is its availability only in India. Yes, as India is one of the largest markets of Mobile phones Samsung took the pride of launching the Galaxy M10 and M20 in India. The tough competition in the Indian mobile market has made Xiaomi the leader in smartphones and now its Samsung’s turn to lead with the launch of its latest Smartphones.

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