10 Best Health And Fitness Apps Of 2019

The digital world has been evolving with an unbelievably fast speed and to make life easier and faster more and more apps are emerging in the market. After the shopping apps the most used apps in the world are entertainment apps and health and fitness apps. The job that was once done by a personal trainer is now the duty of an app. In the year 2019 several new fitness apps have been launched in the market and many of them have even become very popular among the fitness freaks. The apps of today include best fitness tracker app as well as best calorie tracker. The following is a brief introduction of best exercise apps as well as the workout apps that have attracted many young people towards them.

Beach Body On Demand


Beach Body on Demand is one of the best weight loss apps that have hundreds of people to testify it. It provides access to a number of Uber –premium workouts and the tools that you may need to reach your weight loss goal.

The app provides you with a variety of workouts to choose from according to your requirements, it includes 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession, Core de force, Piyo, P90X,Insanity, and 3 Week Yoga Retreat. The app is enriched with a variety of diet plans that are nutritious enough to cover the nutrient need of your body. This one of the best free workout apps provides you access to the famous beach body cooking show called Fixate.

No matter what types of device you use, the app is usable for all platforms.



If you are one of those people who hate subscriptions and commitments then the best fitness app for you is Esquared. It is a convenient to use fitness-on-demand app. Its working resembles that of Uber as both are based on the same API. The app helps you find the gym sessions available in your area. The app does not irritate you with free trial offers and then force you to subscribe. You do not have to make any commitments or subscribe to anything.

My Fitness Pal


My fitness Pal OR myfitnesspal app will help you find what you are doing wrong. It is an Apple best fitness watch App, all you have to do is to feed in your workout time and your food intake and the watch will work as the best calorie counter app and tell you how much calories you have already consumed and how much you have burnt. It helps you check your calories count according to your weight loss plan.



There is one more affordable app that attracts you towards it and you just can’t keep your hands off it. This app has a great design and one wants to use it again and again. One special thing about this app is the chest strap that you get when you sign up; this strap is used to monitor your heart during the workout. The app displays your stats on the screen and gives you a graph of your performance according to the effort level that you make. It gives you the feeling of playing a video game that has healthier results. It is not so pricy for the people of Uk as its monthly membership starts from 20 pounds, a quarterly member ship fees is 45 pounds and that of a year is 120 pounds.

Sleep ++

The iTunes users can get access to one of the best apps known as Sleep ++. You can easily find this app on ITunes store. Once the user goes to sleep the app compares the data of that night with that of the previous night and tells you how better or worse was the sleep of the present night. It tells you how many times you moved during the night and helps you figure out the main issue so that you could resolve it. It is a free app.

Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

For all those who are just starting their fitness journey Daily workout fitness trainer is one of the best free workout apps that people have been using for achieving their workout goals. It is a free app that offers 5 to 30 minutes sessions and save you from going to gym.


If you have been in search of the best calorie tracker app that you could use to get all the needed nutrition and cut down on calories too then Fooducate is the best option for you. It monitors your calories count as well as the nutritional intake.


It is one of the best workout apps that you can easily find on iTunes and Google Play. Thousands of new people to the world of fitness have been trying their hands on it and are satisfied with the workout regimes that it offers. It offers combination of exercises including weight lifting, strength, cardiac and yoga.


It is yet another app that is mostly used by the fitness lovers to clear their minds of all the negative thinking and get rid of stress so that they could focus on their fitness goals with a fresh mind.

The 7 Minute Workout


It is the best app for the people who have tough daily schedule and cannot manage to visit a gym. It has various 7 minute workouts for each body part that you can choose according to your need.

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