Can Artificial Intelligence Become Smarter than Humans?

The rapid development in the field of computer science has given birth to thousands of question about which millions of people debate. One such question that is circulating in every nook and corner of earth is the possibility of artificial intelligence becoming smarter than humans. This artificial intelligence vs human intelligence debate has been in practice for a couple of years and this started with the emergence of artificial intelligence in form of face detection, retina detection and voice recognition feature that is a part of most of the expensive android smart devices being used by millions of people across the globe.

If you go through human being definition you will get to know that among the main differences between other living beings and human being superior mental development and power of articulate speech are the most important. Based on this definition one can easily say that there is no end to human intelligence and the same is the case with artificial intelligence. No matter how  smart a machine gets it works on the program made by the humans and reacts according to the data that is fed in their memory. & how does artificial intelligence work with The emergence of smarter ideas is still in control of human intelligence.

Difference Between Technology Vs. Human

It is a fact that in the digital era of today human beings are equally dependent on artificial intelligence as is artificial intelligence dependent on human beings. It is the brilliant brains of human beings that make the machines intelligent enough to recognize your voice and the machines on their own are nothing. Most of the machines need command to start functioning but the human beings have full control over what they want to do and what not to do. The machines are not intelligent enough to refuse a command when it is given unless there is a technical fault in it but humans have the power to decide when to work and when to rest. If it is about technology vs. humans, then only the humans can be the winners as they are the working force behind every intelligent machine based on latest technology.

Pros and Cons of human intelligence

To get better knowledge of artificial intelligence definition vs. human intelligence we should first know about the pros and cons of each one of them.


  • Human intelligence is not limited
  • Human intelligence is behind the creation of artificial intelligence and can easily control it.
  • It does not depend upon a power source, neither electricity nor batteries.
  • Human intelligence tasks can alter the machine intelligence


  • Human intelligence needs rest to stay fresh
  • It cannot be used 24/7  

Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence that we experience in form of face detection or voice recognition features that we use in our smart android devices. Both human intelligence and machine intelligence have plus and minus points. The following are some pros and cons of artificial intelligence.


  • Artificial intelligence dependent machines can work non-stop
  • They work in a speedy manner
  • They take less time to do more work.


  • Artificial intelligence depends upon human intelligence to work properly
  • It needs a power source to run and a power failure can render it useless
  • Artificial intelligence is restricted to the limit than man likes.

After going through the pros and cons of both humans vs. technology one can easily differentiate between artificial intelligence displayed by the machines and the human intelligence practiced by man. There is no way that the artificial intelligence becomes more powerful than its creator. By comparing the pros and cons of both human and AI one can easily say that human intelligent is far superior than artificial intelligence and will always be.

Effects Of Technology On Human Intelligence

Like every other thing available on the face of earth technology also has its negative and positive effects. When it is about the effects of technology on human intelligence each person has his own point of view. A large number of critics say that the so common use of technology has affected the human intelligence in a negative manner. People think that if a student uses a calculator for solving simple maths problems he has gone dumb but in fact it is just the mathematics one has to follow a formula to solve a problem and the student still learns the formula and uses the calculator just to save his time as he has to solve more problems than his teachers used to solve when technology was not commonly used.

Only a small number of people use technology to make their life convenient, and most of the people who use technology have sharper brains than those who don’t use it. Kids who have not reached even teen age are not becoming Microsoft professionals because technology inspired them to learn more.

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