The Best & Trending Android Games of 2019 Currently Available on Play store

The best way to spend your spare time without disturbing others is to play the best android games available for your age. The new generation of today is deeply involved in the android devices, and have much more knowledge about the top android games of 2019 than their parents and in some cases even elder some houses where there is no one to monitor the activities of the kids they are seldom found without their gaming consoles. To help the kids find the games of their liking the following is the list of best games for android devices.


Oceanhorn is one of the best android games developed for android devices. The game has terrific visuals and a narrative that is unique yet solid. Even the sound track of the game is liked by millions. It is an easy to play game.

Dragon Ball Legends

The Dragon Ball series has seen many revivals over the past four or five years, and the dragon Ball Heroes exploits on that. For the fans of Dragon Ball the Dragon Ball legends is the best game to play. It is one of the best games on Google play. It can also be played in portrait mode which makes it easier to play.

Real Racing 3

For all the racing game lovers real racing 3 is among best free android games that can be installed on android devices through Amazon or Play store. You have to drive precisely re-created cars on selected real tracks from around the globe. It is a cross-platform game that can be played by many players at a time and has many customization options.

Horizon Chase

One of the top rated android games that have become very popular among the young gamers who like racing. Though it might not provide you with the real life racing experience but as you pass through different levels you will forget about its being close to real life. You can easily access it on Google Play.

Survivor Royale

For the fans of shooter games, one of the best android action shooter games of the year 2019 is Survivor Royale. It is one of the best games on Google Play. Over a 100 players start fighting and in 20 minutes time the fighting area gets restricted and all you have to do is to fight for your survival. The last man standing is the winner of the game.

Excavator simulator 2019

For all those game lovers out there who like simulation games there is one new game for the year 2019 called Excavator Simulator 2019 developed by Sablo Games. In this game you get the complete package of forestry work. For all those who like construction work it is one of the best free android game available to spend your spare time and have fun.

Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is one of the latest best free android games that is like by thousands of people in first 20 days of its release. It is among the latest action games of 2019. In this game you get real life experience and hunt huge animals that look like the real ones and you feel them coming out of the screens. The most exciting part of the game is when you face a predator and you have to hunt it down before t attacks you.

Left to survive

Left to survive is the kind of action game that many of you might never have played before. In this action game you play the Hero and have to fight against the zombies with every part of arsenal that you can get your hands on. You have to use the chopper to steal the arms, while fighting against the Zombies you have to help all the survivors and rescue them from danger. It can be called one of the best android games of all time.

Mafia city

Mafia city is a strategy game developed by YottaGames. This multi-player high definition game can be played by millions of gamers from all over the world. As the name of the game tells you it is all about the life in the underworld where everyone is fighting against the other for power and money. People steal and kill just for the sake of power and money. It is one of the best android games that have become enormously popular among the crazy gamers.

Lords Mobile –Battle of Empires

Lord Mobile- Battle of Empires is one of the best phone games ever developed by After the death of the first emperor the world has changed for the kingdom and a number of people have started claiming to be the right heirs of the kingdom. The troubled land has been divided into parts where people are fighting; there are clashes that the people of the kingdom have to fight against till they find their true heir for the throne. Countless monsters appear in the cursed land making it even scarier for the inhabitants. The games have exceptional graphics to attract the gamers towards it. As the hero of this role playing game you have to end the war against monsters and conquer the empire, you are the creator of the greatest castle empire and you even recruit the Warlords and soldiers and heroes and, make alliances and fight for the victory. According to the gamers who have already played this game, it is one of the best role playing games released in the year 2019.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

This role playing game is developed by Game loft. You have to play the role of the hero and use your sword to fight against the enemy. It is the era of medieval Europe which is in the state of war. You yourself have to explore the fantasy world that has console quality graphics to attract the gamers towards it. The game has been gaining much popularity with each passing day.

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