KeepVid Pro – Download Videos & Online Video Compressor Tool [Reviewed]

KeepVid is one of the latest apps that assist in downloading videos from different websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sites very easily and at very fast speed. KeepVid app has been gaining much popularity since its launch. KeepVid is safe and free to use for all. You just have to download KeepVid from its official website and start enjoying its downloading services. Though the desktop version of KeepVid is the safest to use, java might contain a malware and put your computer at risk. So it is better to use KeepVid downloader for desktop computers. There are many people who ask this question about KeepVid Pro that “Is KeepVid Pro safe to use on every device?”, and according to the experts the KeepVid free download app is completely virus free and safe. Each KeepVid review submitted at its site tells you about its increasing popularity.

According to the KeepVid pro review websites the man difference between the two is the availability of KeepVid downloader on all devices including the android devices free of charge but KeepVid Pro downloader is specially made for PC and Mac and one has to buy it to use all its features smoothly.

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There are a number of videos that are uploaded to the internet and we used to find them interesting and wanted to download them but did not have appropriate tools to download them. But today the KeepVid download software is now available to use for free and we can download the videos of our choice very easily from any video sharing website.

There are three different ways that the software offers for downloading different file formats in which the videos run on your system the first option you may use integrated browser to open your favorite websites that have the video-sharing option. Whenever you visit a video page a Download button will appear on the right corner of your screen, all you will have to do is to choose the resolution and the video will automatically start downloading. The experts do not recommend KeepVid free download of videos using this method, as the browser that you use is a simple one and won’t be able to protect you from any security threats that you may have to face. The second method to download KeepVid APK is to use the browsers like Chrome or Firefox and then copy the Urals of the videos you want to download. The latest feature added to the software is that of video recording due to which you have the facility of recording anything playing on your desktop, it may be a Skype call or your favorite show you just have to set the recording duration and record it.

The amazing software offers different formats for you to select the one that suits you these formats include MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP and many more.

The paid version of KeepVid that we now as KeepVid Pro has a new amazing features that is its ability to download a complete playlist or a channel form Linda and YouTube. This feature is a real time saver for those who want to download hundreds of videos at a time.

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