What is Dark Web : Complete Guide To Access Dark The Web?

Dark Web is a subset of the deep web where there are websites that trade hacking software, drugs and fake money and much more. If you don’t know how to access the dark web and you want to access the dark net websites to see what it is all about then you should know that it is accessed by using the network called TOR and the browser that you use should also be one from the TOR bundle of browsers. In the TOR browsers are included the ones that you can use to open deep web search engines.

There are a lot of people who don’t know how to get on the dark web so, in the following article we will be providing you with the guideline about what is the dark web and how to access dark web anonymously. We will guide you about the choice of best VPN to access the dark web sites.

Sometimes people don’t know if is it illegal to access the deep web or it is legally allowed, and they get detected trying to access the dark websites. Browsing the dark websites is not illegal but it may be dangerous for you, so in order do the dark web search you should first try to download TOR browser bundle that is most commonly used for browsing the dark internet.

According to the internet experts only 4{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} of total internet is used by the general public and the rest which makes 96{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} consists of the deep web.

Difference between the deep web and the dark web

There are millions of people out there who don’t know about the difference between the deep web and the dark web. Though we need VPN for deep web search as well as the dark web search but both the terms have totally opposite meanings. When one is not about anything illegal, the other is about everything illegal.

The deep web when put in simple word all the information available online that is not indexed by any popular search engine, it may be any type of information from your bank account details to some non- indexed government papers that are not very confidential is known as the deep web.

When it is about the dark web, as the name tells it is the part of internet that has everything negative going on in it, it may be the trade of weapons or drugs or even child pornography everything is a part of the dark web. The business of every illegal product is done online at the dark web. There are hundreds of drug deals that happen each month. There are websites about human smuggling too. In other words the dark web is a world of negative activities that are harmful for the society and should not be in any case seen by the general public.

While the deep web can be accessed on the clear net and can be easily detected the dark web is not under the control of any government and is exclusively available on the onion network, it is not regulated by eth government. Only the TOR bundle can help you do the dark web search anonymously.

Steps To Access Dark Web Browser Or Use Deep Web Search Engine

If you are really interested in finding about everything about the dark web or you just need to have some knowledge about how to get to the dark web you can do  so by following my guidelines, that I am about to share with you.

Step 1. You should search the web and find out one of the best VPN browser that suits your needs. The VPN that you choose should be the one that does not keep logs about your browsing activity, and has no DNS leaks, runs real fast and is totally compatible with TOR and accepts the Bitcoin method of payment. For those who are first to VPN is the information that a VPN is a system that does not show your real location it changes your IP address as if you are accessing the internet form a different location than your real one, and you are able to browse anonymously without the fear of being detected.

Step 2. Now after installing a VPN the next step that you should take is to get the onion router or TOR bundle installed on your pc. Before you download the TOR you should make sure that your VPN is running.  You should make sure that you are downloading the TOR from its official website and are not using a fake TOR version. Once the program is installed search for the TOR browser tab open it and click on start TOR browser. When you click on start TOR browser another window pops open that asks you either to click on “connect” or “configure” and you will have to click on connect and ignore configure. Always make your search about how to get on the dark web by opening the dark web browser from TOR browser list to get the access to dark net without getting noticed.

 Step 3. Start Browsing The Dark Net

After completing the installation when you will open the TOR you will definitely be directed to a new browser called DuckDuckGo, it is especially meant to enhance your privacy and security. One difference between the normal internet and making a dark web search is that you search the dark net using TOR browser where every website is addressed like .onion.

As the darknet exists only on the onion network it does not have any typical URL address like .com, .org or .co instead it has an address with URL .onion.

No matter for how long you browse the dark net ,if you want to the society in a positive manner and do your share of contribution to make this world a better place to live in for the coming generation then never ever get involved in the activities that you see on the dark web.

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