How to Get Free Google G Suite Email Account: Guide To Access Google suite Account For Free

Before we get to know how to get G suite free we should first gather the information about what G suite actually is. It is a brand name used for cloud computing that is offered by the big name in the online industry that we know as Google. The G suite consists of Gmail, calendar, Hangouts and Google+ for good communication.

It has Google drive for storage needs of the member of Google family and it even is equipped with sheets, docs, forms, slides and sites for the collaboration purposes. Depending on the basic plan a vault and admin panel to manage services as well as the users.

Though G suite advanced is now available only on payment you can easily use the G suite basic for your personal use.

As G suite is a cloud based program that has unlimited storage space using which you can easily save your files like documents, photos videos and music without any tension of storage space. The files stored on your computer cannot be accessed from just anywhere but the files that you store on Google cloud can be accessed from any part of the world. If you create Google business account you will notice the change and ease in your business operation in matter of days.

Regardless of the size of your business G suite offers some of the best tools ever developed for the security, collaboration and organization of your business. The tools offered by G suite help you perform better, and assist in working as a team. Before you buy the tools for your online business you should do complete research and choose the version that suits your business the best.

Google is the biggest icon in the internet industry & entitled as the best apps provider in all over the world. Almost two decades back it emerged as the biggest free email account provider of the world and millions of people made their Google business account within days of its launch. Google offered Google apps free and people used to make their business accounts and manage their documents with Google Docs. There was a time when Google offered free business email and most of the businessmen used to create free Gmail business accounts. In the beginning Google offered Google apps free of charge but lately it has made a very big decision about the Google G suite that was once called Google apps.

The people who wanted to use the G suite free used to follow the following method to create Google business account for individual use. According to the most recent news Google has stopped providing Google business mail and any of the Google apps free for the business community. But it can still be used by individuals for their personal use. But the limit of users per account that started from 100 has now dropped to one user per account and so an individual can easily use the Gmail and other Google apps or the G suite for free.  The following is the procedure for getting a G suite Google apps free. According to the news delivered to us by the Senior product manager of Google App Engine Google app standard is still available for free through the App Engine Admin Console, but it has the limit of one user per account.

Step 1.

The first step that you should take in order to get your G suite free account is to login to your own personal account (Google account) at

Google App Standard free 1

Step 2.

In this step you will have to provide your phone number for your Google account verification, due to unknown reasons people are more willing to get free email without phone number verification but it is not the case with Google as in the second step you will be asked to provide your phone number for verification.

Google App Standard free 2


The third step is that of filling the application form. You just choose a name check if it’s available and fill in the form.

Google App Standard free 3

Step 4. Once you application is complete without any error you will see your application registered successfully. Then what you have to do is to go to the dashboard> Application settings> then go to the Domain setup, and then choose the Add Domain tab.

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