The Complete Guide To Recover The Deleted Files : Free & Paid Data Recovery Softwares

Losing your precious date is a very disturbing thing and one feel quite helpless when he does not about any way he could recover deleted files.

Loss of data is very common not only on personal computers but on official level too. Sometimes the data loss is so important that it may lead a business to a disaster, so it is better to gather some information about the ways you could recover permanently deleted files.

Due to the immense evolution in the field of technology today a number of different software have emerged on the market that help recover lost filesin hours if not in minutes. The following are some of the most efficient file recovery software being used not only by the common people for their personal computers but by the government offices too. Sometimes you don’t even have a backup for your stored data that was deleted by mistake, even in such circumstances some latest recovery software are good enough to recover all types of files including text files, photos, videos and even documents. There are times when the deletion of files is not deliberate especially in the offices and the date needs to be recovered for the reputation and operations of that office in such conditions the following software come very handy.

1. Disk drill (previously called7 data recovery)

Disk Drill Software Reviews

Disk Drill is one of the most efficient disk recovery software that even a novice can use conveniently. It is a reliable free file recovery software & can be download easily, It shows in form of the pop ups that appear on every other computer screen as the best data recovery software that one should try for free before making the decision about its purchase. It offers the recovery of 500MB data without any fee.The free edition of the software provides you the facility of unlimited scanning and previews of other data that is recoverable so that you now that you have more data that is recoverable before you invest money in buying the software. It was previously known as 7 data recovery,disk drill is an upgraded version of the same software, the difference is that it has now gone premium.

Special features of Drill Disk

Have you been searching for a software that could restore deleted files windows 10? If yes, then search no more and buy the full version of Disk Drill. The software has a number of features that make it the best softwares to recover the deleted files on pc.

Drill Disk has an amazing feature known as the deep scan feature this features dives deep into the media found on your disk and tries to recover the lost data even when there is no partition available. Even in the serious cases of loss of important data where hard drives are formatted the software has helped restore deleted files, and has saved a lot of efforts and time. It is this deep scan feature of the software that collects the bits and pieces and reconstructs the files and makes it possible to recover the files.

Data protection

One more feature that makes Disk Drill one of the favorite data recovery software is the protection that it provides to the data that it provides you with a number of helpful tools that protect the future loss of your important data. It provides you with a recovery vault that ensures the successful recovery in case you lose your data again, its guaranteed recovery feature keeps monitoring your data and protects it from accidental loss of files.

Supported Platforms

The platforms that the software supports are Windows 10,XP, 8, 7, Vista, and 8.1.

2. Mini tool partition recovery

 For all of you out there who don’t know how to recover deleted files, there is a good news and that is the presence of such a software for using which you don’t have to be a scientist. You can easily use it yourself and recover your deleted data. This software is known as Mini Tool Partition recovery. This software is not only used to recover and restore a few of the deleted files, it has the ability to recover a whole partition of the hard disk that you have lost. It is very convenient for use even for the people who have no experience in using such mainly concentrates on partition recovery method of data recovery and so is easy for a novice.

Features of Mini Tool Partition recovery

Simple To Use

The best thing about the mini Tool partition recovery software is its user friendly interface. a user can easily retrieve his files by following three simple steps learning which is not difficult at all.All you have to do in the first step is to target the drive and then set the scanning range according to your requirements and the issue faced.In the second step you have to click on “scan”. Lastly the software provides you with a preview of the recovered files and you have to select the ones you want to restore or transfer to some other storage media.

There are a few cons of this software ,it is not suitable for the people who need to use their pc for most of the time as it cannot handle the bad sector during its operation neither can it be minimized to let you work on other parts of the windows. For the experts it may be a bit annoying but for common people it is one of the best data recovery software and that is why it is included in our list of the best data recovery software.

Stellar Recovery Stellar recovery is one of the early data recovery software that is known by the users since 1990.Since then the software has gradually evolved into one of the top most free recovery software that has now got a premium version for its advanced features. Though the advanced features of this software are limited but it is used by millions because of its excellent results and affordable costs.

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