Best Upcoming Android phones To Launch In 2019

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The things that were ones considered the luxury item for any household have now become the need of time for each individual living in the developed countries of the present era.

One such thing is the best android phones. As everything is getting converted to the android system like shopping and payment of bills online through the mobile apps people who never wanted to buy a simple phone now wait for the newest android phones that they could afford.

All the technology lovers wait for the best upcoming android phones releasing before changing their phones. To facilitate the mobile phone lovers we have created a list of the best upcoming android phones that are going to be released in the year 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 the folding phone

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone 2019

Samsung new phone 2019 is in list of good android phones with the latest invention by Samsung known as S10 folding phone, which is most probably the unique thing that we will be looking with in the first few month of 2019.

Though we have had an introduction to the device by the company but its detailed features are yet to be disclosed. We will have to wait for the Samsung new phones coming out 2019 to see how the completed product really works.

According to the news that come from the company the phone has an outward facing screen display along with an inner display that has the ability to fold out as a tablet. It is going to be the first ever foldable android phone in the upcoming phones of 2019.

All the new features come at a cost that is too high to pay for some of the buyers, but the Samsung fans don’t have to worry about it as the company has a number of Samsung phones in the pipeline that will be released this year. One such device that will be affordable for those who could not buy the foldable version and that is the Samsung S10 without the foldable feature.

The new S series of Samsung is expected to come with an infinity-O display, it will be coming with 3 rear cameras and a vibrating audio display, the Samsung S series is expected to come in variations of 5G model and a Plus model.

Mate X from Huawei

Mate X from Huawei 2019

For all those who have been anxiously waiting for the new arrivals of 2019 for buying the latest smartphone of their choice. It might be the year of foldable phones as a lot of companies are planning to launch their new devices this year.

Huawei that is considered to be one of the few leading brands in the android phone industry is launching its foldable Mate X in 2019.It has a single display that measure 8 inches from one end to the other.

It is expected to come in the market in summer this year.Its display is appreciated by the critics as compared to that of the Samsung foldable series as it is far better than that of the Samsung. It supports a triple end lens module whole the hones from other companies have three different lenses for cameras.

Its design looks smarter than the foldable phones from other brands. The only thing that is a hurdle in its being the top of the list foldable phone is its high price that is even higher than those of the Samsung devices. It is even pricier than the Google phones 2019.

Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung phones are one of the most anticipated upcoming phones of 2019, the line of best coming android phones from Samsung do not end here as after the foldable Samsung Galaxy  S10  is coming the  first  5G mobile from Samsung that millions of Samsung fans are waiting for.

It is expected to emerge in the market in first half of the year 2019, it will definitely benefit from the faster networks available. She did not only sick a 5G modem inside the old S10. The 5G Samsung new phone 2019 has a 6.7 inches that is even bigger than 6.4 inch of the Samsung S 10 Plus.

The triple lenses are joined by a 3D camera on the back of the handset and the two cameras situated in the front have a time-of-flight sensor. It is equipped with 3D capabilities like a portrait video effect that will be used to bring the background blurs to the videos.

 The first carrier to grab the phone in America is Verizon and according to the Samsung company it will eventually reach the other carriers too.

One Plus 5G

One Plus 5G 2019

At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit the company OnePlus announced that it will become the first company to launch a 5G phone that runs on EE with a Snapdragon 855.

It has no connection with the 4G model that the company is launching separately. The company did demonstrate the device on Mobile World Congress but did not disclose the design.

Nokia 9 Pure view

Among the new phones coming in 2019 is included one of the best phones like Nokia 9 Pure view. It will be introducing a new feature that will make it a unique phone for its users. It has a five years array that will take a photo simultaneously and it will capture 10 times the amount of light that one normally gets.

The on-board software will refocus the images and adjust the pictures in the best quality. The company has used Snapdragon 845 chipset and a non-modified version of Android 9 Pie; it is one of the best cell phones 2019 that has 5.99 inch display.

Moto Razr

Moto Razr Mobile 2019

According to the latest new the old Motorola company is going to make a comeback with its new Moto Razr. It is expected to be a foldable phone and it might have two displays. It will maintain the good reputation of the Motorola company and will give it a modern touch that is necessary for remaining in the market full of competition.

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