Windows Virtual Desktop Is Now In The Public Preview

What is windows virtual desktop?

In the recent past Microsoft released Windows Virtual Desktop but not for public, it was released for its partners and all those customers who volunteered. The latest technology news about it is that now the masses experience this feature with their windows & as well as Windows can even take advantage of ProPlus version of Office 365 and use Windows Virtual Desktop with the help of Windows Virtual Machine known as  Azure Virtual Machine.

Video By Microsoft

According to experts the Virtual Desktop of Windows is not especially designed for top level games. The main goal of its development is to help the corporate sector and business work more efficiently and encourage the employee participation in every possible way.

If you closely observe the companies like music labels or the ones whose part of the job is to store data in form of videos , have to handle huge volumes of metadata. Such tasks cannot be handled with expertise with a normal desktop computer. The windows Virtual desktop has emerged as a blessing for such heavy tasks and you can store all your data in your own cloud platform and get rid of annoying tasks of writing your applications over and over again.

This new technology can be used by a number of industries that need to handle heavy data volume. There are a number of other perks that you can enjoy with using windows virtual desktop, these perks include scaling of the number of users. the heavy volume of users using windows virtual desktop decreases the number of attack surfaces for most of the applications. You may be worried if windows virtual desktop is only for windows 7 and  windows 10 then what will happen in the year 2020? According to the news by 2020, it is the goal of windows to cut all its extended support that windows 7 users enjoy in form of updates and much more. Just for the support of this change you will be provided with the facility to use your windows 7 with windows virtual desktop and experience the technology. Not only this , you will be able to get extended security updates till 2023.

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