What Is Whiteboard Animation? How to Create These Explainer Videos

Whether you are an educator dealing with curious kids or a manager trying to stop your team from being dizzy during the presentations while you present them with important statistic graphs of the company, whiteboard animation can be an accessible solution for you. Whiteboard animation is a tool that can be used in a range of different industries for utterly different purposes. They are highly effective for displaying complex information in an impactful and efficient manner.

There are several types of animation videos, and whiteboard animations are one of the most versatile animation styles. It can be a genuine help for many professionals who face the need to convey informative content to an audience. Like many other professionals, marketers and businesses also use whiteboard animations for personal as well as professional needs.

Using whiteboard animation benefits businesses and marketers in numerous ways, and that is why many companies have begun to use whiteboard animation regularly. Those professional individuals who are not skilled in making whiteboard videos on their own even invest in the tool and pay any good whiteboard animation services to get the job done.

However, whether a business goes for outsourcing whiteboard animators or chooses to hire in-house animators, they should know about the tool in depth in order to understand how they can use it for attaining their business goals. This article is an attempt to convey all the essential information about whiteboard animation that a business may need. If you are a business or marketer who has not worked with whiteboard animation yet, you can have an overview of what benefits you can have by integrating it in your system. Lets begin with an explanatory definition of whiteboard animation.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard animation videos are designed to deliver perplex information to the audience in a comprehensive way. This type of animation is inspired by conventional classrooms where a lecturer draws and write different things on a whiteboard to simplify a complex concept for the students. Whiteboard animation copies the method and cracks down difficult to understand topics in small textual and image-based content that is delivered to the audience in steps.

An animated hand with a marker would draw and write all the information on the white background and a voiceover further explain things. The visual aids that these videos provide make it exciting and easier to understand the content, no matter how complex. Images that are drawn with perfection on the white screen with a colored marker keeps the viewers engaged throughout. There are characters and a plot that keeps the content precise while conveying the ideas with clarity.

After a general explanation, lets move to the specific benefits that Whiteboard Animation can provide to a business setup.

How Can Businesses benefit from Whiteboard Animation?

Though whiteboard animations are a powerful tool for presentations, and employee training, they work best for marketing and brand promotion. This is why even the businesses that do not use animation for regular tasks opt for whiteboard animation services when it comes to marketing and brand promotion. Businesses can attain a number of benefits with whiteboard animations to accomplish their marketing goals on different digital platforms. Here is a list of some major goals of digital marketing that whiteboard animations can help achieve.

Alternative to a Salesperson

Whiteboard animation can function as an alternative to a salesperson. It is more persuasive because it can present the information in a way that a salesperson cannot adopt. A salesperson cannot add visual images and stats as accurately and efficiently as the whiteboard animation can. Also, the whiteboard animation is capable of being efficient every time and present the information as many times as a marketer wants.

Cost-effective marketing

Whiteboard animation is a cost-effective tool that can serve the business in a highly productive way. Animation videos are a onetime investment that can be used to represent the marketing message at many major digital platforms. They can reach out to the targeted audience without any hurdle and deliver the message effectually. The time consumption of the whole procedure is quite low compared to other marketing tools’ consumption.

Better Audience Engagement

With Whiteboard animation, the audience are instantly attracted to the videos that are displayed. Animated characters and simplistic style makes the audience stay undistractedly focused for long. The technique is compelling for customer retention because it successfully delivers the information in a certain order without any delay or distraction. Whiteboard animation spreads better product and brand understanding, leading to high conversion rates.

Enhancement of Brand Image

Whiteboard animation has characters that cannot only convey the business message effectively, but they can also contribute largely to maintaining an impressive brand image.  The characters can carry attributes that simple data or images cannot. The viewers automatically associate the characteristics that are shown in a whiteboard animation character to the brand. This point is a perfect chance for the marketers to present the audience with stronger clues and visual aids through which they can more easily formulate the desired brand image.

These are only a few major benefits that businesses can have by using good whiteboard animation videos. Businesses who use the format for different purposes tend to explore new uses and benefits of the tool regularly. Next, we are moving to how the readers can create their own whiteboard animations with the help of different tools.

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How to Create Whiteboard Animations without Professional Help?

Small businesses and businesses with limited marketing budgets often think of ways to invest as little as possible while getting maximum benefits. One of the tricks to accomplish this goal is to use downloadable tools and create Whiteboard animations on your own. This will add a skillset to your portfolio, provide you with effective results, and keep it affordable. Lets start a quick overview of the guideline for creating whiteboard animation.

1. Conduct a Research

Before starting to create the video, identify the main purpose of the creation of whiteboard video. After identification of your target, conduct research to have inspiration for the plot and character design. Collect all the important ideas and evaluate them according to the requirements of your project. This is one of the most important steps so it should be conducted carefully.

2. Write Script

Video script is what defines the theme, plot, and other significant elements of an animation video. Whiteboard animation’s success depends on video script to a great extent because the tool itself is quite simplistic and a good script adds value to it. So, write a perfect video script that has a ‘hooking’ element at the beginning leading to the core message with details. The video ending should have a call-to-action that can stimulate an active response from the audience.

3. Select Characters

Look up the template libraries of your video maker and find the most suitable character or characters for the video. They are an essential factor in making the video functional and productive.

4. Storyboard

Outline each scene in the video and make a strip that would tell you how it would the video look like after completion. Rough sketches of every display will do the job. Write down the content for voiceovers as well.Stroke and Background Style

5. Stroke and Background Style

Select a background style for your whiteboard animation. You can go for a plain white or black background, a notepad background, stitch board, or glass board. Also, there are several stroke options as well. You can go for chalk strokes, color strokes, pencil strokes, or simple stitch strokes.

6. Animate Your Video and Add Voiceover

Finally, you will have to animate the video by using a suitable video animation tool. Choose a whiteboard video animation tool that is accessible, versatile, and easy-to-use. You can check the reviews of different available tools to be sure.

Once done with animation, choose a perfect voiceover to add more value to the video.

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