Things You Should Know About Invisible Hearing AIDS & Its Working!

The invisible Hearing aid is used for the Hearing problems When you want a hearing solution then this invisible hearing aids used in the hearing loss problems. They are also fitted deep into the ear canal. Hearing aids are the very smallest custom hearing aid. This is not seen fully in the ear canal hence its name has been an invisible hearing aid. In the ear, the face value of the invisible hearing aid cannot be seen. Hence they have been given the name visible.

An invisible Hearing aid helps for listening to another person. Many hearing devices are made which is very small in size. These hearing aids are 100{204ad804e4f936f3b2105d69b7d56e29abd1d7498abfe5e7718b84799022f91b} small that’s why another person doesn’t see it. These devices are very smaller in size but also these are very helpful for impaired patients. These devices come in different colors and various size for all the patients taste.

Some devices are available in a very tiny size hence another person doesn’t see your device directory. The purpose of making this device only that who are hardly self-conscious about the hearing loss problem. So, before buying the hearing devices, It is very important firstly you check the pros and cons of a small hearing aid with your audiologist.

How does it work?

These types of devices works are of two types:

1. Technology.

2. Extended wear.


These devices made for the hearing loss problems, It is inserted into the ear canal which doesn’t see directly by another person Each manufacturer adds the own particular technology for making the invisible hearing aids. Hearing sol manufactures these factors for making the Invisible Hearing Device.

1. There are types of technology factors are included in the hearing device:

2. Wireless Technology is used for some IIC cab Streams with Bluetooth through accessories devices.

3. Small Battery which is available in size 10, You must change every 4-7 days. But an exception, you don’t need to change the battery of Lyric Hearing aid.

4. You used the fishing wire for easy Removing the Handle.

5. Smartphone Connectivity.

6. The company makes this a very smaller, sleeker design.

Extended wear:

Extended wear devices are made by several key points:

When you make the extended wear devices you check first sound quality, Sound quality improves with proximity to the tympanic membrane. It is a very important part of making invisible hearing devices or aids.

Nowadays the human being does not share the hearing loss problem to any other person that’s they do not wear a hearing device because if they wear the hearing devices then all know about their hearing loss problems, therefore, the hearing sol manufacture made the invisible hearing devices.

Some people with hearing impairment resist wearing hearing aids due to the stigma associated with hearing loss problems.

Invisible hearing aids gave the many benefits for the hearing impairment peoples because it’s having a device deep in the ear canal.

With the help of these devices, the hearing impairment patients have increased the gain in the high frequencies.

Also a reduction in the occlusion effect.

With the help of hearing devices, you can also use the telephone and other ear-level listening devices like headphones, stethoscopes without feedback.

It gives the security of fit and retention.

It reduces wind noise.

It improves localization.

Invisible Hearing Aid Goals:

Audibility: It means, You able to hear important sounds like speech.

Comfort:  Sounds comfortable loud.

Safety: Sounds prevented from being too loud.

Intelligibility: It maximizes the intelligibility of speech sound.

Quality: It maximizes the perceived quality of the sounds like little distortion.

Consistency: same performance regardless of listing condition.

Invisible Hearing aid have basic components:

Microphone: It receives the sounds and converts it into electrical impulses.

Amplifier: Intensifies the electrical impulses.

Receiver: It translates the electrical impulses into louder sounds.

Battery: It Serves as a power source of the device.

Earmolds: Directs the flow of sound into the ear and enhance sound quality.

Care and Maintenance of Hearing aid:

• Prevent it from falling down.

• Don’t spill liquids on the hearing devices.

• The invisible hearing aid should be fitted well.

• Your cords should not be twisted or knotted.

• Invisible hearing aid protects it from dust, dirt&heat.

• Remove the battery from hearing aids when it is not in use.

• The receiver should not contact in water.

Guide the Invisible Hearing Aids:

• The Sounds are exclusive easily by the hearing aid microphone.

• The louder Amplifier is used for increasing the sound.

• The sound through the Ear like Earmold and the Tubing and also sound access the ear canal.

• The soundwaves factor the eardrum to vibrate and setting the tiny middle ear bones into vibration.

• These vibrations are transferred into the cochlea in the inner ear. Cochleas sends the information into the brain.

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