The Panasonic Seekit App: Now Losing Your Phone is Going to be a Thing of the Past

Losing your phone is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating and time consuming things that can ever happen to you. The fact that it is so slim and slips into any corner, nook and cranny of your home or workplace only adds to the overall irritation and exasperation one feels during this nerve wrecking quest.

Well, what if we tell you that those long exhausting mornings at home or tiring evenings before you leave work that wastes a great deal of your time finally have a sure shot solution? Yes, you now never have to worry about, “where to find my phone?” certainly not when Panasonic’s Seekit is here to the rescue.

How exactly does it help you find your phone?

The Seekit Loop and Edge are basically Bluetooth trackers. Besides your phone, it also helps you find other essential valuables such as your keys and wallet. All you need to do is tag it to your belonging, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and find what you are looking for.

As soon as your possession disconnects from the device, you get an alert. This gives you peace of mind as you are well aware of the fact that should your possession get misplaced, you’ll get a notification about it within no time.

The features that make the search process easy

The Panasonic Seekit app comes with a separation indicator that makes it almost impossible to forget anything behind. The moment your possession or smartphone gets disconnected from the device, you hear an alert.

Besides this, bi-directional tracking makes it seamless to ring your phone. This feature works perfectly well even when your phone is on silent mode. To ring your phone, all you need to do is double press the Seekit button.

Proximity guidance is another essential feature that definitely comes into play the most. After all, there are many times when your possession was around you somewhere but you couldn’t quite put your finger on exactly where. With proximity guidance however, you are easily guided towards your valuable through the use of the app. Other than this, last seen location can be utilised on the Seekit app to examine where exactly the disconnected valuable was last witnessed.

It is definitely worth giving it a shot

These handy features and simple interface makes it a practical and useful device to use on a regular basis. Besides helping you find your most important valuables, the app also ensures  that you can play engaging and fun games brought to you by Gamezop. Other than this, it also offers wallet protection along with a host of other services.

So if you come to think of it, this device brought to you by Panasonic is a real treat in more ways than one. While the fact that the chances of losing your most treasured belongings decrease is reason enough to give this tracker and app a shot, its additional features and uses definitely ensure you gain the best experience possible in a manner that suits you best.

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