7 Best E commerce Software Platforms for small Business

Much of the success of your online store will depend on the type of e-commerce software platform you use.

If the platform you have selected lacks feature, your business will then suffer for sure. And if you have chosen a feature-rich and advanced platform, you can expect your store to perform optimally and realize its true potential easily.

Being a small business should never stop you from choosing the best software to run your e-commerce store. You can still select a platform that has all the features and functionalities needed to achieve success for the business.

It’s however better to check whether the platform has marketing features, SEO features, payment integration features, fast page load time, Google speed, free and premium plugins and themes etc.

Further, the software you trust should make integration easy so that your business can easily sell across channels. The platform has to enable marketing automation integration together with being scalable in nature to grow with the business. 

It’s also important to check whether the platform is mobile friendly and whether it’s compatible across devices, browsers and channels key for your business. Plus, it should allow ease of integration with best shoe design tool to help boost your store’s capabilities. 

Here are some of best e-commerce software platforms for your small business – 

1. Shopify

Shopify is easily among the most popular and most widely used e-commerce software platforms powering close to a half a million businesses and having support of over 1 million active users. It’s a great platform and offers a lot of flexibility to businesses of any nature and scale.

It gives easy of customizing online stores and managing products and inventory in a hassle-free manner. It has a big community so getting tips and knowledge from shop owners is a reality. Needless to say, it’s easily the most customizable platform available around for e-commerce. 

 If you’re ready to spend some money, it will surely be a great value addition for your business. Because, it has monthly rates and cost for themes.

2. Volusion 

Volusion is a good choice if you look for a feature-rich and popular e-commerce platform for your business. It may have a monthly subscription but offers themes, support and features that would help propel your e-commerce business towards growth and success. 

This platform is also fit for those looking for an all-in-one ecommerce platform and don’t forget, it’s highly customizable as well.  It’s a robust platform however it comes with a steep learning curve for the user interface and ability to build the store.

However, a 24×7 support is one of great features of this platform which has lower priced plans than top guns of the industry. You can trust it and guide the business on the path of success.

3. WooCommerce

If you have knowledge of WordPress, WooCommerce platform is then just perfect for your online business. You can plug it directly into the WordPress as it’s a WB plugin, and then start enjoying all the features of an e-commerce platform.

Even if this platform is suited to small businesses, you can easily customize it to meet your big business’s requirement, though you must have coding knowledge. It has plenty of optimized themes and its pricing it reasonable for small entities. 

4. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is free to download and install and it’s also suitable for large businesses. As an open source shopping cart solution, it has a large and solid user base and it will suit your business needs of you’re ready to pay for hosting and domain. 

This platform is only suitable if you have technical skills or has an in-house development team. For large enterprises, PrestaShop is always a good option as it has a lot of built-in features essential for launching an online store.   

Plus, lots of modules available with this platform which can easily be tailored to get the desired functionality for the store. If ease of use is not a worry for you, go with this platform and grow the business.  

5. OpenCart

Free to download and install, OpenCart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and also among the most widely used by small and big businesses alike. It has over 200 theme and is highly customizable if you have coding knowledge. 

It may have low ease of use, but this does not stop its popularity as a growing number of businesses trust it and benefit from it.  It’s surely a fantastic platform if you have coding and technical knowledge. You can leverage its built-in features to drive your online store on the path of growth and success.

6. Magento

Magento is undoubtedly the most widely used and most trusted e-commerce platform. It’s open source and you can set it up and pay for the hosting and domain to benefit from it. A steep learning curve notwithstanding, you can trust it to get best in class functionalities, security feature and integration options.

Even though development cost is huge with Magento, a lot of businesses don’t find it for the kind of robustness, extensibility and security they get in return. It also gives ease of integrating ERPs and Customer Support Software Solutions to enhance the capabilities of the business. You can trust this platform irrespective of the scale and size of the business and be sure of amazing performance and great results.

Plus, you can also integrate shoe design software and give customers the much-needed freedom and option of product designing. This is how online stores are grown.

7. Weebly

Weebly for your business if you care for excellent value for a basic sore. It packs in amazing templates designs and also has powerful e-mail tools. Lack of Amazon integration and weak SEO notwithstanding, you can trust its for stunning themes and designs at low cost. For your small business, Weebly can be a good option particularly when your overall concern is to get value.

So, choose your e-commerce platform with care and ensure the desired results to your store and also give a boost to the overall performance.

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