12 Famous Software Programmers in History

Have you ever read the comedy and jokes about a scientist? They are usually labelled as boring brooding men or women. Now, the same aspect is being applied to software programmers. But yes, these humans are the most hard working and influential people in the entire globe. In recent times, software programmers have become millionaires. This article, you can view as a tribute to some influential software programmers in history.

1. Larry Page

Larry Page

Well, this information is known to students who have passed high school. It is this great guy, who along with Sergey Brin designed the search engine giant, Google. And it is because of this engine, that information on every aspect is available to every person in the world.

He was instrumental in creating the PageRank search engine algorithm. Now, he is involved in overseeing of companies which dabble in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and self driving cars.

Link : http://fortune.com/2012/01/19/larry-page-google-should-be-like-a-family

2. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Dennis Ritchie”

Famous Software Programmers in History - Dennis Ritchie

If there is a computer software programmer, who can be credited as one among the pioneers of the digital era, it is Dennis Ritchie. He is best known as the founder of the famous language – C. He was also instrumental in the development of the UNIX language.

He has won many awards for his contribution to software programming. Some, in his kitty are Hamming Medal (1990), Turing Award (ACM), and the best was receiving the National Medal of Technology (1999) from US President, Bill Clinton.

Link : http://www.plugbytes.com/about-dennis-ritchie

3. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Bill Gates”

Bill Gates

In the 1990, with the popularity of Microsoft, there was one name which gained name, fame and popularity. It was Bill Gates. But he did not do it alone. Along with Paul Allen, this guy single handedly revolutionized the entire computing industry.

He is worth a trillion dollars, but of late, has started investing in healthcare facilities in developed countries. Bill Gates is known by many names such as investor, business magnate and also a computer programmer. At present, he is known as the leading figure among one of the best countries of the world, Microsoft.

Link : http://time.com/5402366/bill-gates-africa-development

4. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Mark Zuckerberg”

Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, uttering the name of the very social media platform may get you into unnecessary arguments. But look at the change done by Mark Zuckerberg. He has changed the way interactions are done among friends, relatives and business.

Link : https://www.businessinsider.in/Twitters-former-CEO-called-Mark-Zuckerberg-a-ruthless-execution-machine-but-many-Silicon-Valley-insiders-dont-agree/articleshow/65790277.cms

5. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Ken Thompson”

Famous Software Programmers in History - Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson is often regarded along with Dennis Ritchie as the guy who shaped the computer world. He was among the few who designed the UNIX operating system. Now, the same technology and applications is used on military systems, supercomputers and smartphones.

In combination with Dennis Ritchie, he changed the very concept of UNIX to the C language. He also created Belle, the first machine to play chess.

Link : https://www.computerhistory.org/fellowawards/hall/ken-thompson

6. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Linus Torvalds”

Famous Software Programmers in History - Linus Torvalds

How do you call Linus Torvalds? A world class coder? He became the creator of the Linux kernel which was instrumental for OS such as Chrome OS, Android and Linux OS. He is also credited for designing the version control system Git. He was honored with 2012 Millennium Technology Prize by Technology Academy Finland.

Link : https://www.newyorker.com/science/elements/after-years-of-abusive-e-mails-the-creator-of-linux-steps-aside

7. Famous Software Programmers in History – “Satoshi Nakamoto”

Famous Software Programmers in History - Satoshi Nakamoto

Three years ago, Bitcoin assumed worldwide popularity. Although there exists uncertainty about the founder of Bitcoins, it is large presumed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. But now, he is known for designing the foremost blockchain database.

Link : https://cryptoinfobase.com/has-satoshi-nakamoto-come-back-what-does-nour-mean/

8. Famous Software Programmer in History – “Tim Berners-Lee”

Famous Software Programmer in History - Tim Berners-Lee

Well-known as the person who visualized the concept of Internet. His idea was that of an open platform, where everyone from any part of the world can share information and work as a human race devoid of geographical boundaries.

Link : https://www.verdict.co.uk/world-wide-web-inventor/

9. Famous Software Programmer in History – “Alan Turing”

 Famous Software Programmer in History - Alan Turing

Have you ever heard of the Turing Prize? It is described as the number one award in the field of computers. The award was a small tribute to Alan Turing’s capabilities of a logician and mathematician. He designed the Turing Machine known for simulating computer algorithms. It was this machine, that played a vital role in the Second World War. It could decipher codes of enemy signals and enemy messages.

Link : https://www.livescience.com/29483-alan-turing.html

10. Popular Software Programmers in History – “James Arthur Gosling”

Popular Software Programmers in History - James Arthur Gosling

Originally from Canada, he will be forever remembered for creating the language Java in the year 1994. His contributions can also be seen in other software systems such as Gosling Emacs and NeWS. Because of his achievements, he got the member (Foreign Associate) of US National Academy of Engineering.

Link : http://nighthacks.com/jag/bio/index.html

11. Top Rated Software Programmers in History – “Bjarne Stroustrup”

Top Rated Software Programmers in History - Bjarne Stroustrup

The name may be difficult to spell, but this geek from Denmark is known for creation of the C++ programming language. He has to be given the entire responsibility for the language, as he wrote the definitions, formulated the design and every aspect of C++.

Link : https://science.fas.columbia.edu/news/computer-science-professor-bjarne-stroustrup-wins-draper-prize-for-creating-programming-language/

12. “Niklaus Wirth”

The full name is Niklaus Emil Wirth. And his country – Sweden. Known for creating many languages such as Euler, Pascal, Algol, Oberon, Oberon-2 as well as Oberon-7. Because of his achievements, he got the Turing Award (1984).

Link : https://www.computerhistory.org/fellowawards/hall/niklaus-wirth.


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