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CPS is the short form used for Click Per Second. In the digital world of today the work efficiency in many sectors is dependent on your typing speed as well as the speed with which you click. In yester years measuring the speed with which a person clicks was not an easy task but today there are a number of click per second test websites that have CPS Testers that are the programs used to check the speed of clicks per second.

These are the top CPS (Speed click speed test) Website

Cookie Riimu.net ()

Cookie Riimu is one of the most popular and frequently used website. The internet users use its click per second testerto know their click speed.The website has the facility of keeping click per second record so that the people with slow speed can review and try to improve their clicking speed. The best feature of this website is that there is no time limit to test your click speed and whenever you stop it provides you with the average reading of the clicks made by you.

Click Here: Cookie Riimu To Start CPS Test 


one unique thing with this site is that it offers you with a clicking challenge that you have to take so that it could calculate your clicking speed. It has a time limit of 30 seconds during which you have to click all over the page for as many times as you can. The website has an appealing interface and provides with a nice experience for its users. at the end of your test it provides you with the number of clicks you successfully made in 30 seconds.

Click Here :Jennifer Dewalt CPS Testing Tool


This particular website is known for its variety of click tests to come up with the exact amount of clicks per secondrecord that you have done successfully. It has 6 types of clicks per second counter facilitiesthat you can use to calculate your best performance. All 6 types of tests help determine you exact click per second speed. You can take clicks per second test for 100 seconds for first five types of tests but the sixth type of test is that of one second and the time your computer mouse or your laptop mousepad allows you to click is calculated.

Click Here:Click-Test.com CPS Tester Tool


It is just another website that the internet users can benefit from in order to take their click speed test.If you really want to calculate your speed for a click the best thing that you should do is to join Jitterclick.it and test your clicking speed by clicking at the large rectangular box provided by the website. when the clicks per second counter stops the website provides you with a graph of your performance where you can see the visual presentation of your click speed according to the time you took.By clicking on the green box for 10 seconds you can calculate the clicks that your computer mouse or mousepad lets you do.

Click Here:jitterclick.it CPS Testing Website


After opening this clicks per second test website you have to keep clicking for 5 seconds to let the website calculate the click per second. When you open this site in a browser , in the upper right corner of the screen appears the clicks counter. The test gets started as you make your first click on the screen and the test results with the appearance of your accurate clicks in certain duration and the comments about your performance.

Click Here:ClickSpeedTest.AppSpot.com CPS Testing Tool


This particular online site used for the click test speed calculation offers you the challenge of 60 seconds during which you can test you click per second score. The procedure of the test is the same as most of the other sites and all you have to do is to keep clicking as fast as you can for the duration of one minute and the site will let you know your speed of clicking per second.

Click Here:Start CPS (Clicks Per Second) Test


 This website provides you with the time limit of 10 seconds for measuring clicks per second record. This particular website offer world mouse clicking Championship in which people from all over the world participate to break the old fastest clicking records and replace them with new ones. In this test you have to click on the start button first and then keep clicking on click here button for 10 seconds.

Click Here:.To Check CPS (Clicks Per Second) Test


This website has a totally different way of calculating the clicking speed of the people. It offers you a game that you have to play and the clicks that you make during that game are used to calculate your clicking speed. The ten seconds game counts your accurate clicks per second and keeps you entertained too. You have to keep clicking as fast as you can .It is a good judge of the potential of your mouse. Having Flash player installed on your PC is a must to play this game.

Click Here: To Check Clicking Speed Test

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