What’s The Difference Between A CPU And A GPU?

What Is CPU: Introduction

To find the difference between a CPU and a GPU, you would firstly have to know in detail what each of them actually is and what does it do.The following is a brief introduction to both of them so that you could easily differentiate between the two.

 There are millions of users who speak the word CPU but don’t know what does CPU stands for?;CPU is a short form for central processing unit of a computer that is commonly known as its brain.It is made of countless transistors that can be easily operated to perform amazing calculations. The normal standard for the cores of a CPU is from 1-4 GHz.

A CPU is considered more powerful as it has the ability to do everything.If a computer is capable of doing any task it is just because of the processing unit that we know as CPU.Programmers are able to work by providing various instructions and detailed feature lists that the CPUs share with them.

What Is GPU: Introduction

Though many people daily use computers but they don’t know what is a GPU. For all those who don’t know about the major parts of a computer, ‘a GPU is the part of a computer that plays a significant role in display of the graphics with perfection.GPU meaning graphic processing Unit operates on a bit lower clock speed than that a CPU needs to perform normally, but it has much more processing cores as compared to CPU.

Unlike the CPU a GPU is made for special purpose. Perfect video display is done after some simple mathematical calculations repetitively, and that is exactly what a GPU is expert at.Every GPU has countless processing cores working simultaneously.The GPU processor is much different from that of a CPU. Each core used in a GPU is much slower than that of the ones used in a CPU. Each core is set to be efficient in doing the mathematical calculations and operations required for video playing, this procedure helps the GPU play the complicated 3D graphics that the modern games are actually rich with.

What’s The Difference Between A CPU And A GPU?

There are some resemblances and as well as some differences between CPU and GPU if you compare CPU vs. GPU you will notice,one thing that a GPU can do just a small part of the hundreds of different tasks that a CPU does, but it does it many times faster than a CPU.A GPU uses hundreds of different cores to make time dependent calculations for countless pixels simultaneously which enables the display of 3D graphics.

As the CPUs have more detailed instructions they can do a wide range of tasks that areimpossible for a GPU to perform. A CPU can integrate and organize with virtual memory which is significant forrunning a modern and up to date operating system.

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If we compare both GPU and CPU we would come to the conclusion that the latest requirements need both GPU and CPU to work efficiently.

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