Technology has made so much progress over the last two decades; that it has become very difficult for old generations as well as the new people who are just growing up in this world of internet,to understand the new terms being used in the digital era of today. Especially when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning most of the people get confused and just cannot differentiate between all these terms. So, in order to be able to differentiate between all the latest terms we should gather some information about all three terms of AI, deep learning and machine learning.

What Do You Mean By Machine Learning?

Today, machine learning is the latest trend in vogue; it is just an application supported by artificial intelligence.Some specific statistical algorithms to use the computers work in a specific pattern without being programmed for that particular task. The algorithm, collects an input value and on its basis make predictions about the output for it by using different statistical methods. The main goal of machine learning is the creation of intelligent and smarter machines that have the ability to work and think just like human beings.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

Artificial intelligence means the area of engineering sciences that concentrate on development of the machines that are as intelligent as the human beings. They are created keeping in mind the behaviors that majority of humans consider to be intelligent, if we put all this in simple words the artificial intelligence is the exact copy or simulation of a simple task that intelligent humans accomplish, with the only difference is that it is done by a machine.

What Is Deep Learning?

Before you start your study about neural networks and deep learning it is better to have a clear concept of the deep learning. According to experts the deep learning is a technique of artificial intelligence that is used by a computer to recognize the objects, words, and sentences. We are definitely using the deep learning feature of our phones in form of the voice recognition that we have in our smart phones.

Ai Machine Learning

There are many people who get confused when they are asked to differentiate between artificial intelligence and machine intelligence, but there is one simple thing that can provide them with help in differentiating between the two. The machine learning is actually a subset of artificial intelligence.Artificial intelligence machine learning resemble a lot and both are being used to make our life easier with each passing day.

Machine Learning VS Deep Learning

Those who have proper knowledge about the computer sciences and latest technology can easily differentiate between machine learning vs. deep learning.While machine learning is the technology in which the computer is expected to different tasks without being especially programmed for it is known as machine intelligence as the computer has to function according to its own intelligence and uses different programs installed in it to do a task for which it is not programmed, but deep intelligence is the one that is used today in form of auto correct , word prediction and voice recognition and retina detection in a number of smart mobile phones.

Machine Learning VsArtificial Intelligence

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As explained earlier,machine learning is a sub category of the artificial intelligence that we have been experiencing for the last decade or so. The online billing and the information that we get from the internet from thousands of websites, the use of plastic money and the online transaction of banks all are the examples of machine learning. In fact machine learning is the ability of a computer to do the tasks with help of artificial intelligence as it does not have any special program for some of the tasks that it has to perform. For example there is a toyin the market called Hello Barbie it listens and responds to the child but it has a microphone in her necklace that transmits the voice of the child to the servers at Toy Talk that searches for the perfect answer and replies within seconds.

As far as the AI is concerned there are several examples of artificial intelligence that we experience in our day to day life. It is a fact that in culinary arts human tough has been of great significance but the advancement in technology has now provided us with a chef named Watson who can help make thousands of dishes and is even programmed to invent new recipes for all types of culinary. The company IBM has used artificial intelligence in the making of Chef Watson. The company has expertly used the artificial intelligence as Chef Watson has the ability to guide human beings about the new food combinations that result in unique flavors.

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