What is Social Media Network Aggregation?: Things You Should Know About It

Do you also feel socially scattered when it comes to managing your social media presence as a brand?

Don’t you sometimes for a platform where you could access all your social media posts altogether?

Well, Congratulations! Your dream just came true.

These tools are called Social Media Aggregators and there are many of these in the market. For starters, Taggbox, Tintup, Walls.io, Juicer, and so many more.

There actually is a tool that can bring in together all your social media trending strategies for managing your posts where you can access them simultaneously. Isn’t that amazing?

What do you mean by Social Media Aggregation?

Social media aggregation is the act of bringing in together social media posts at one platform from multiple social media platforms via #hashtags, @handles, mentions, locations, and other sources.

The tools that perform this action of aggregation of social media posts are called the social media aggregators.

Social media aggregator, allows you to discover, collect, curate, and finally display user-generated content to your users in order to engage them with your brand and create brand awareness, in turn, helping you to grow your overall brand name and business.

Importance Of Social Media Aggregators in Digital Marketing Strategies?

There is not one, but many reasons why brands should consider using social media aggregators in the first place for their digital marketing strategy.

Here is a list of those reasons which will compel you to use social media aggregators that will help you to grow your brand and business.

The increasing importance of social media in digital marketing

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others are no more just sharing media platforms. In fact, these platforms have outgrown themselves to become the ultimate stop for every brand to market themselves and create brand awareness.

Brands generally have to be actively present on multiple social media channels to build their social media presence and grow their social media influence over their target audience. Social media aggregators help brands to maintain an active social media presence across multiple social media channels simultaneously.

Drive targeted traffic

Social media aggregators allow you to collect together social media posts from multiple social media accounts via desired #hashtags, @handles, locations, and mentions. This lets you access the social content concerning your brand. It also tells you about the contributors of these posts, hashtags used, mentions of your brand over social media. and the locations from where these posts are coming.

This helps you to monitor and target your audience. The information of demographics that the aggregators provide also helps a lot in the process. This way whenever you display these aggregated social media posts to your audience, you can drive targeted traffic and achieve better results.

Display user-generated content to your audience

User-generated content is an all-time favorite for brands to display social proof to their audience and grow customer trust on the brand. It is fresh, original, trustworthy, dynamic, and cost-effective. Customers trust user-generated content more than anything that is fabricated and produced by the brand itself.

Social media aggregators help brands to discover the best quality of user-generated content from various social media channels via hashtags, handles, and other sources. Brands can also curate and customize the user-generated content in order to maintain the quality of their content and present it in an engaging and beautiful manner. This helps them to generate user engagement, build brand trust among users and build brand authenticity.

Display real-time content to your users

Displaying real-time social media content to users helps you to increase user engagement as it builds excitement and curiosity among the users of getting displayed along with the social media posts.

Social media aggregators let you aggregate social media posts in real-time and curate & customize it before being displayed to the users. This enhances your brand image as real-time social media posts cannot be faked and hence builds brand authority. Also, it engages users, in turn, initiating a word of mouth marketing.

Improving customer insights

Social media aggregators, comes with robust Analytics feature which lets you have deeper insights into customer reactions to the social media posts you are displaying or the social posts you have been mentioned in. It gives you important insights like top contributors who have been posting around your brand, location, demographics, most clicked posts, top reshared posts, and many more like these.

Final Words

Social media is more important than ever for any brand’s digital marketing strategy. It helps you expand your customer base and build social influence for the brand.

To make the whole process of brand marketing easy for you on social media, the market is flooded with social media tools. Social media aggregator is one of those.

List out your set of priorities and choose the best social media aggregator for your digital marketing strategies campaign. Aggregate the best user-generated content to display social proof for your brands with the help of social media aggregators. So, which social media aggregator are you employing for your brand’s digital marketing campaign?

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