Unreal Engine Vs. Unity: Which Is Better Game Engine Should You Choose?

Before we could decide about the status of Unity and Unreal Engine we should know about both the platforms in detail, so that we could decide with reference to the context.

To decide the best between Unity vs. Unreal we have to go through the games developed by using both these systems.

While comparing the performance of Unity with Unreal most of the gaming experts come to the conclusion that Unity is significant for developing 2D, 3D and mobile games made with Unreal Engine works best for development of games that have high graphics and photorealistic games. It is the biggest difference between Unity and Unreal.

About Unity

Offering its users a wide range of new features and abundance of tools make Unity one of the best game engines in the market. The features offered are easy to use even by a person who does not have a technical background.

The cross-platform integration is made possible with Unity tools and this helps the developers switch between Android, iOS, blackberry and windows too.

This cross platform integration feature of unity has the ability to support 25 different platforms but the others like Unreal support only 10 platforms.

A large number of people has already joined the Unity community and are available to provide you help with your project. There are several features that make unity standout among the rest of its competitors one of these special features is the ability of unity to support different file  formats that are mostly used in the most famous 3D applications like Blender,3D Max, CINEMA, Softimage, Maya and a number of others.

The game developers who create best unity games have easy access to paid 3 D models as well as almost 15,000 free models, audio files, editor extensions, animations, scripts, materials, and shades designing the games.

About Unreal

Unreal is the name of a game engine that is developed by the world famous company known as Epic games. It emerged in the market in the year 1998 as a first person shooter game called Unreal. Though in the beginning it was developed for the first-person shooter games, it has been used quite successfully for a number of other genres including PC fighting games, stealth, role playing games and MMORPGs.

The first generation of Unreal was developed by the owner of Epic Games known as Tim Sweeney, who already was an experienced person as he had developed a number of editing tools in the past. In 1991 he developed the program tools for ZZT and in 1992 he did the same for Jill of the Jungle. After the emergence of unreal 1 the second generation developed by the U.S. Army in 2002 as a recruitment tool. After that in 2004 the Unreal 3 was released.

Tim Sweeney the founder of Epic games started working on the 4th generation of Unreal engine in 2003 and it was released by the company in 2014.It still is the latest game engine being used for game development.

Comparative Study Of Unreal Vs. Unity

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If we have a closer look at the built –in tools that come with both game engines Unreal and Unity, we will notice that Unreal is more powerful than Unity. In other words, unity is much simple to use as compared to unreal.

If we talk about the language used for the creation of the game engines the major programming language of Unity is C# and it is considered to be the simpler to use and easier to learn. on the other hand Unreal is using C++ which is known to be more powerful and difficult to use with perfection, so the chances of mistakes in programming with C++ are more than those in Unity. Unity has a responsive and quick interface and being light it can be run on windows XP.

The unreal 4 game engine needs at least windows 7 64 bit to run smoothly. According to experts the final products look better is Unreal as compared to Unity. But if we look at Unity it is liked by millions because of the tools that it offers its users who could not only access them but use them with ease without having any previous experience.

When we compare unreal engine Vs. Unity we come to know that both game engines have a number of similarities but Unreal offers so many game development software tools that it becomes easier for the programmers to create games as compared to creating games with Unity engine.

Unreal is equipped with tools like built-in extensive material editor and built-in cinematic editor but unity does not have these tools and has to depend upon third party add-ons and tools to develop special features in its game. One thing that makes Unity win in when unreal engine vs. unity is compared is the 2D and popular 3D Animation games developed by Unity.

There are millions of people out there who know nothing about unity or unreal but are crazy playing the games developed by both the game engines. There is a long list of popular Unity games, these games include:-

Kerbal Space Program (Unity)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Unity)

Wasteland 2 (Unity)

Rust (Unity)

Battlestar Galactica Online (Unity)

Unreal is also popular among millions of gamers across the globe. The most popular Unreal engine games are :-

A Way Out (Unreal Engine)

Biomutant (Unreal Engine)

Ace Combat 7 : Skies Unknown (Unreal Engine)

Code Vein (Unreal Engine)

Concrete Genie (Unreal Engine)

Unity vs. Unreal Pricing Comparision

The most important thing that the new game developers want to know about is the Unity vs. Unreal pricing.

Unreal Engine has a very easy to follow and simple pricing strategy, it if free to use but you are required to pay 5 percent of your profits. On the other hand Unity has a different plan it provides you all the core features for free but if your company has annual revenue of $100,000 then you will have to use the paid versions that costs $35 a month.

No matter how much it costs the result can be seen in the graphics of the games developed using these platforms.

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