11 digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2019

Digital marketing is a vast concept which is needed to be understood in order to stand out in the business world. It is changing day by day as the algorithms of search engines change.

For instance, Google is trying to improve its AI according to the user’s behavior, so it can keep them engaged with leading businesses.

As the trends of digital marketing change, marketers also need to work according to the changing trends to optimize search engines and increase their business reputation in the digital world.

With the use of innovative technology and strategic planning, businesses are planning to attract potential customers through better marketing and promoting the brand’s objectives.

The role of digital marketing in a business is to deliver simple and straightforward information to the audience and provide them solutions to solve their complex problems.

So here are some trends that you can follow to attract the audience in the digital realm.

1. Artificial intelligence

When talking about AI, it is thought to take away jobs. Where it is still a science-fiction, it can be said that artificial intelligence can make mundane jobs easier and less overwhelming for a person. Jobs such as scheduling social media posts and sending bulk e-mails can be simplified through artificial intelligence.

Moreover, businesses can use AI to analyze customer behavior and search patterns using data from social media posts and blogs. This can help them understand to understand how a customer is finding their brand and services.

Along with that, a business can use this data to improve their marketing strategies and customize it according to fulfill the needs and requirements of the prospects.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots, also a part of artificial intelligence and machine learning can help your business in answering queries of the customers and does a better job in solving the problem of the customers.

One of the major reasons why clients prefer to chat with chat bots is because they are responsive, give précised answers, recall your buying history and never get frustrated.

Chatbots are best at meeting the customers’ expectations and providing better customer services. This can also be an example of automating repetitive and mundane tasks involved in doing business.

3. Video marketing

Video marketing is continuously gaining popularity in the digital world. It is not just limited to YouTube, but it can be shared on various social media platforms and social channels.

For example, animated videos such as whiteboard animation videos and explainer videos can explain the business’ complex processes and ideas to the audience. It can personalize the business message with creative visual Content strategies and animated objects.

Other than that, businesses opt for live broadcasts on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You don’t need to have the equipment for live broadcasts.

It is as simple as taking a picture or making a video via your smartphone, however, if you are planning on creating a master production that you might need to think about investing in equipment to create a video.

4. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the use of AI used to automate ad buying so you can target a specific audience for your PPC and display marketing. It is efficient and provides higher conversion rates.

5. Use of augmented reality

Digital marketers are integrating augmented reality to create a better and interactive experience for the customers. Engaging and informative AR campaigns is an innovative way to drive brand awareness. An example of it could be the AR run creative ads of Pepsi in a bus shelter in London which engages the audience and spread brand awareness.

6. Personalization

Every customer is distinctive and so are their needs. This is what influences their buying decisions and their perceptions about an organization.

The best way to get their attention is to personalize the marketing messages that can meet their unique marketing needs.

It is easier to personalize the message as AI-powered analytics enable brands to anticipate the customer’s needs and helps in personalizing content, emails and other content.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a part of word of mouth marketing. Influencers are more like social media sensations who neither a renowned personality nor a celebrity but the common person who can help you build trust among the audience through creating situations that can be solved by your products.

One tip for influencer marketing is not to make the video or blog that is too sales oriented because your audience needs to relate with the brand in order to relate with the brand. Create a story with the influencers and give the buyers a reason to purchase from your brand.

8. Content marketing

There is no doubt in saying that content marketing is everywhere. Whether in the form of blogs, e-mails or others it is playing a major role in making a reputation of your business. This requires active participation as the content which is not thought-provoking cannot make an impact on the audience.

9. Social media stories

Social media plays a momentous role in digital marketing. Whether you are using Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, stories can make your brand visible online. Stories are short videos that can be used to interview a staff member, giving a face to the brand, and cementing yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

You can create a fear of missing out among the audience as these stories only last for 24 hours long.

This can create excitement among the audience as the product launches. You can also provide offers or information about your events to your audience.

10. SSL Certificate:

Website security is an inevitable parameter while considering digital marketing trends that occurring in online world. Without considering SSL security, you cannot reach the end of this discussion. What makes your data secure while transmitting between the server and the user/customer. The answer is simple SSL certificate. Many types of SSL and different SSL providers out there in the market but enterprises almost look for authenticate SSL certificate at cost effective price. Comodo  SSL Certificate you can count in your portfolio when adding strong SSL certificate to your website.  This certificate does not only secure website but assures visitors that they are dealing with secured website.

11. Using Wikipedia

Consider this, a potential customer search for your company or a specific product which leads to your Wikipedia page.

They will be inclined to see the information on Wikipedia which in return adds trust in your business while increasing your status in the interconnected world.

However, these benefits come with a price. You need to be eligible to have a Wikipedia page for your business. You can consult Wikipedia writers and editors to meet the criteria of being worthy of having a Wikipedia page.

A business that is eligible to have a Wikipedia page can improve their ranking on the search engines with a little investment in hiring Wikipedia writers.


Business today are acquiring these business trends and marketing strategies to be able to attract the potential audience to their business.

There are countless ways in which a business can make a mark on the audience. However, it is necessary to meet the needs of the audience and provide them with personalized solutions.

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